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Support & Maintenance tab

Under the Support & Maintenance tab you’ll find tools for monitoring and resolving issues with your legacy Level 3 services, and for adjusting your services as your business needs change:

Creating support and maintenance requests

In MyLevel3, hover over the Support & Maintenance tab to select an option. Your permissions determine which support and maintenance tools are available to you.
  • Trouble Tickets—help us fix problems with your services, including recently activated services.
  • Change Requests—make changes to your services.
  • Network Maintenance—use the network maintenance calendar to view scheduled network maintenance events.
  • LNP Ticketing—create local number porting tickets.
  • Portal Support Tickets—submit a ticket if you experience problems with MyLevel3.
  • Subscriptions—set up subscriptions by service, product or physical location.
  • Repair Contacts—set up repair contacts so we know whom to contact if a problem occurs.
  • Colocation Requests—request access to a CenturyLink facility for your tech or request field tech support from us.
  • Security Trouble Tickets—create tickets for your security services (access requires two-factor authorization).
  • Security Change Requests—submit requests for changes to your security services (access requires two-factor authorization).

Managing trouble tickets

Using MyLevel3, you can create, update, escalate, and a cancel trouble ticket on your former Level 3 services. From the Support & Maintenance tab, select Trouble Tickets.

MyLevel3 opens the Trouble Tickets page, where you can:

  • view a list of all trouble tickets created on any of your services by anyone within the last 30 days (you can adjust the date range to go as far back as one year)
  • see at a glance how many trouble tickets you have: total, open, closed
  • sort your tickets by status and type
  • search for services and accounts
  • print and export search results
  • view more details for a ticket (hover over a ticket ID)
  • add and remove columns from your view or reset the columns to the default (click  the Grid Selection icon)
  • create a new ticket (click New Trouble Ticket)
Note: If you use legacy Level 3 security services with two-factor authorization security access in MyLevel3 (such as DDoS Mitigation), you’ll find security trouble tickets on a separate page. There, you can create and view tickets for those services.

Planning for scheduled network maintenance

You can use the Network Maintenance Calendar to stay informed about upcoming network maintenance that may impact your services so you can plan for maintenance events or request that an event be rescheduled.

From the Support & Maintenance tab, select Network Maintenance.

Setting up subscriptions and repair contacts

You can set up a subscription to be notified of any problem with a service, product, or location. When anyone opens a trouble ticket or when CenturyLink schedules network maintenance, you—and anyone else whose email you provide—will receive an email alert.

You can also designate up to three repair contacts who CenturyLink can call when we find a service problem or need to visit one of your sites.

From the Support & Maintenance tab, select either Subscriptions or Repair Contacts.

Creating portal support tickets

You can submit a portal support ticket if you have a problem accessing the MyLevel3 customer portal or with performing tasks in the portal.

From the Support & Maintenance tab, select Portal Support Ticket. MyLevel3 opens the Portal Support Ticketing page, where you can provide the needed information and submit your ticket.

Our portal support team responds to requests within 48 hours. Contact the team if you need help with your portal support ticket:
877-453-8353, option 2, then 3 (6:00 am–6:00 pm MT)
Note: While we're working on building out MyLevel3 support content in this library, you can click the Help icon () next to the title on any MyLevel3 page to find help related that section of MyLevel3.
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