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Assigning accounts to a user

Most organizations have multiple accounts, but all users my not need access to every account. If you're a MyLevel3 system administrator, you can assign accounts to the users who work on them.  (You may also need to change a user's permissions so they are able to perform the necessary management tasks for their assigned accounts.)

To assign accounts to a MyLevel3 user:

  1. Click the User Admin tab.

    MyLevel3 lists the users for your organization. (Users with the blue outline of a person and gear icon next to their names are system administrators.)
  1. Search for the user you want to assign accounts to one of the following ways:

    • Scroll through the list of users. Click the blue down arrow at the bottom of the page to expand the list ten users at a time. Click the blue number links (next to Show) to show more users at a time.

    • Type the person's username in the search field. (MyLevel3 filters the user list as you type the username.)

  2. When you find the user, click View Profile.
  1. Click Update Accounts.

    MyLevel3 shows you the current accounts assigned to the user (followed by accounts available to be assigned to the user).
  1. Scroll down to the My Available Accounts section.
  1. Use the toggles to assign accounts to the user:

    • To assign an account to the user, click the toggle for the account (under My Available Accounts) to change it to the On position.

    • To assign all accounts to the user, click the toggle for the My Available Accounts section to change it to the Off position (which moves all unassigned accounts to the My Assigned Accounts section).
  2. When you're done assigning accounts, click Return to Profile.

    MyLevel3 saves your changes.
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