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Exploring the Appliance context

In the Appliance context, you can change configurations in a specific appliance like Branch, Controller, etc. You can view merged values from the deployment template and the device attributes.

Note: CenturyLink discourages using the Appliance context to make changes directly to an appliance as it will then be out of sync with the template associated to that appliance.  This could cause additional issues in the future. Please consult with the SD-WAN support team with any questions.

The Appliance context has three tabs:

Organizations tab

The Organizations tab is used to associate/disassociate organizations and change subscription plans to a particular appliance.

Configurations tab

The Configurations tab is used to configure various parameters of an appliance like networking settings, services, object, connectors system level configurations and various other settings.

Administration tab

The Administration tab is used for various administration configurations on an appliance like high-availability (HA), upgrades, reboot, syslog server etc.