Business Support

Exploring the Director context

When you log in, you will generally land in the Director context (on the Appliances tab). You can change your default landing page in your user account settings.

Organizations tab

The Organizations tab is used to create or configure the parameters of your organization and its SD-WAN needs. If you need changes to your organization, contact the CenturyLink SD-WAN support team.

Config Templates tab

Use the Config Templates tab to configure various capabilities using existing templates.

Workflows tab

Use the Workflows tab to onboard/deploy controllers, orgs, templates, and devices. (Your CenturyLink SD-WAN support team manages the workflows for your SD-WAN service.)

Appliances tab

Use the Appliances tab to view bare-metal/virtual appliances, push/pull configurations to/from appliances, configure sync status (whether the appliance has received the latest configuration), and reachability status (whether the service is up or down).

Administration tab

Use the Administration tab to do various administrative tasks within the SD-WAN portal like managing user credentials, Inventory, time zone, subjugation, and many more.

Analytics tab

Use the Analytics tab in the SD-WAN portal to view and chart historical data on your network utilization and performance. This data can help you fine-tune your network, manage capacity, and troubleshoot problems. For real-time data on the health of your network, use the Monitor tab.

Monitor tab

Use the Monitor tab to view various health status metrics of your SD-WAN service and the entire organization dashboard activities. The Monitor tab gives you data on the real-time health of your network; the Analytics tab gives you historical network performance and metrics.