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Exploring the SD-WAN Monitor tab 

The Monitor tab displays the summary and granular information of its associated devices, along with their network health and service information:

  • customer organizations connecting to different core elements such as the controllers and different device types for the customer organization
  • map displaying the different core elements and devices’ location. Click on a device on the map to view the device details.
  • firmware summary of the associated devices
  • multiple device health summary with drill down functionality to view a list of devices with their status
  • alarm summary and drill-down functionality to view the list of devices with their respective events
  • application utilization of all the associated devices
  • subscribed services view for each customer organization
  • policy violations view for each customer organization

Network overview

The Summary subtab has seven tiles to show you activity for your network (devices and organizations):

Tenant Summary tile

Map View tile

Tenant Health tile

Recent Events tile

System Summary tile

Application Activity tile

Services tile

Appliance overview

Use the Devices subtab to get an overview of your appliances: view a list of your appliances, then drill down to more information about each appliance, such as services on the appliance, etc.

Appliance list

The appliance list shows your deployed appliances and whether your appliances are reachable from the Director. You can also view the deployed configuration and take a snapshot or restore the appliance configuration should you change it.

To view the appliance list, click the Monitor tab, then click the Devices subtab. (You can also view the appliance list by clicking the Configuration tab, and then Devices.)

  1. Appliance summary (click to view a summary of an appliance)
  2. Manage appliance configuration snapshots
  3. Appliance reachable from Director
  4. Appliance up to date with templates
To view a summary of one of your appliances, click the blue hyerlink for the appliance (in the Name column).
To view the services on an appliance, click the Services subtab.