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Use the CenturyLink Security Solutions portal to access reporting for your Adaptive Network Security (ANS) and Adaptive Threat Intelligence (ATI) services. You access the Security Solutions portal by signing in to Control Center. (To access the Security Solutions portal, you must have two-factor authentication and have the Managed Security Services permission assigned to your user profile.)
Note: For best performance, use Chrome, Firefox, or Safari to access the Security Solutions portal.  Using another browser may cause reduced functionality or performance.

Adaptive Network Security

The Adaptive Network Security (ANS) service near real-time dashboard, reports of log events, analysis, threat-visualization, and rapid threat defense are enabled on the CenturyLink Security Solutions portal. The Adaptive Network Security firewall policies files are available on the Security Solutions Analytics landing page. You access the Security Solutions portal by signing in to Control Center.

Adaptive Threat Intelligence

The sophistication of cyber threats, and the complexity of maintaining traditional point network security solutions, is driving the adoption of managed security service solutions utilizing threat intelligence. As your organization upgrades your security posture to be more proactive, you want threat intelligence that is actionable and can be integrated with protection actions. CenturyLink Adaptive Threat Intelligence (ATI) service helps address these business challenges by providing monitoring and alerting of internet-based threats to help protect your users, website or critical applications on the internet.

ATI is an always-on, network-based, near real-time monitoring, threat correlation and alerting service that provides alerts about the traffic to and from your IP addresses monitored by CenturyLink, and other IPs on the internet. ATI monitors data samples flowing across the CenturyLink global network infrastructure obtaining information about traffic flows between your network and the other end of the IP communication. The sampled information is subsequently correlated by the ATI against CenturyLink’s database of known malicious IPs. If the sampled information matches a malicious IP, a record is created (an “event”) that is forwarded in near real-time to the ATI portal. Information about Events is also aggregated and sent to you via email periodically. The service is available in two cloud-based options called Enhanced and Premium Adaptive Threat Intelligence service. If you subscribe to Premium ATI, events may also be forwarded in near real-time to your security information and event management (SIEM) platform.

CenturyLink has made a major investment in developing a threat research and engineering group called Black Lotus Labs. The Black Lotus Labs team has developed threat sensing capabilities using one of the world’s largest IP backbones. Malicious behaviors are detected off the backbone and classified using sophisticated machine learning algorithms and automated validation infrastructure. Additionally, Black Lotus Labs validates indications of compromise (IOCs) that are conveyed via third part resources. The extra effort pays off in the cultivation of a very high-fidelity threat set:

  • real-time visualization of their interactions with malicious entities
  • botnet research and take-down efforts keeps the backbone safer
  • automated deployment of countermeasures when new threats are discovered via Black Lotus Labs
  • leading botnet research and publication

Security support contacts

Portal Support Center: for issues accessing your Security feaures—such as Reports, Inventory, or CenturyLink Security Solutions portal—including security login, usernames/passwords, or two-factor (2FA) tokens.
  • Create a portal support ticket. (From the main menu, select Service Management > Portal Support Ticket.)

  • Chat with us in the customer portal to open a portal support ticket on your behalf.

  • Call the Portal Support Center to open a portal support ticket on your behalf:

    • North America: 877-453-8353, option 2, then 3 (6:00am–6:00pm MT)

    • Europe: +44 (0) 1270 727375

Security Operations Center (SOC): for issues with the CenturyLink Security Solutions portal—such as questions about usability or event data.

  • Create a security trouble ticket. (From the main menu, select Service Management > Security Trouble Ticket.)

  • Email
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