Tagging Components

Tag Cloud component 
Something is odd here. These "01 Admin, 02 Billing, etc" tags are being pulled from the old Control Center pages -- eg, https://aem/mnt/overlay/wcm/core/content/sites/properties.html?item=%2Fcontent%2Fbusiness %2Fcontrolcenter%2Fhelp%2Fintroduction-to-sip-trunk-route-plan-management

While we can remove those old tags, none of the new tags are being shown -- eg, /business/page/control-center, /business/page/voip, etc. For instance, the pages "underneath" this -- Tracy Test Zone page -- are tagged with these newer tags.

Tag List component
This component still needs a little TLC; as it's tied to the Tag Search component, it will need a little more attention in Sprint 272. Currently, when click on a tag in the list, user should see a list of all assets/pages that are tagged with the clicked tag. Instead, getting a sorry-nothing-found-type error.

Search Tags

Tag Search component
The Tag Search component will be configured to work within the BSC/WSC/CSC during Sprint 272.

NOTE1: I tried this component on a BMI page using the BMI config option, and it didn't work there either.

NOTE2: The Tag Search component isn't located with the other components as part of the BSC Content grouping -- instead it lives in the BSC Search subsection. Is this confusing?

NOTE: Is this component even being used on any of our sites? Maybe we don't need the functionality (in any way, shape or form now) at all?

FYI: These notes were last updated 10/5/18.

Search Components
"Search Form - Large" Component
Author configs search catalog, ghost text for search box, number of search results shown, and supplies a NoResultsFound page.
Search Results Component
Only config is to set up the No Search Results link; otherwise nothing else to do. How does it work?
More Search Results Component
There are no config options available; how does this one work exactly?
Munged Email Component
Possible components to leverage ...
Page List By Tree Component

With "Page List By Tree," authors can select an AEM directory to have appear on the page; options for configurations include: directory shown, page depth and sort order.

Side Nav Component

The Side Nav component apparently grabs whatever's designated as the main nav and lists it as a "side nav." No formatting options are provided; no config options available.

Sidebar Component

The Sidebar component really amounts to some automated formatting. It doesn't do anything that couldn't easily be handled by a Headline and Text component.