Business Support

VoIP support

VoIP portal

Learn how to manage your VoIP service and download administrator and end-user guides.

Business Communicator

Download Business Communicator; access training videos and user guides.

Enterprise Assistant Toolbar

Integrate your VoIP service with your browser and with Outlook.

PC Console

Use the Receptionist PC console to access your company directory and monitor employee status.

Polycom phone
training videos

Learn how to make calls and use the features of your Polycom phone.

Taking your VoIP
phone home

Instructions for configuring your VoIP phone and router to use your phone while working from home.

VoIP reporting

Learn about the reporting options for VoIP services in Control Center and the VoIP portal.

Phone & computer connection diagrams

Learn how to connect your VoIP equipment

Using a headset with Polycom phones

Learn how to connect and use a headset with your Polycom phone.

Voicemail quick reference guide

An overview to the voicemail menus for your CenturyLink service.

IQ SIP Trunk
CTAC support options

Need help with your equipment? Learn what options are available for support.

VoIP equipment advisory

Recommendations to resolve common problems with your VoIP service.

Local rate center
lookup tool

View CenturyLink rate centers and their NPA-NXXs.