Business Support

CenturyLink® Business Communicator training videos

Ready to learn how to use Business Communicator?
These training videos will help you get set up and start using the tool.

Lesson 1: Launching & Overview

Learn how to launch Business Communicator and become familiar with the application.

Lesson 2: Presence

Keep track of your colleagues’ communication status based on their presence status.

Lesson 3: Contacts

Learn how to make and manage calls by accessing various directories within the Contacts pane.

Lesson 4: My Room

Add colleagues to your MyRoom chat session and add participants to your conference bridge with one click.

Lesson 5: Communication History

Review call history logs for missed, placed and received calls.

Lesson 6: Dial Pad

Learn the multiple ways to make calls by using the dial pad within your Business Communicator.

Lesson 7: Directory

Review information and click-to-dial any colleague using CenturyLink® Hosted VoIP.

Lesson 8: Options

Learn how to manage your Business Communicator settings and preferences.

Lesson 9: Call Processing

See how easy it is to make, receive, and process calls using your Business Communicator.