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Changing your status in a queue

You can manually set your status in a queue so that calls can be routed to you if you’re available or rerouted to a supervisor or another agent if you’re unavailable.

Note: If your organization’s administrator programmed soft keys on your desk phone, you can change your status from your phone, which will immediately sync with your Contact Center Client and show your status.

To change your status in a queue:

  1. From the top right menu on the Contact Center Client's main page select an option from the ACD list.

Queue status options include:

  • Available—logged in and available to take a call from the queue

  • Unavailable—logged into the queue but not available to take a call

  • Wrap-Up—logged into the queue but wrapping-up a call
Note: Wrap-up status is a timed setting (set by your organization’s administrator or if you’re given permissions, you can change it). You won’t receive a call until the end of the set time or you manually change your status from Wrap-Up to Available.

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