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Conference calling from the Contact Center Client

If you need to talk with more than one person at one time or want to listen in on a call, you can use the Contact Center Client to start a conference call. To begin a conference call, you’ll need to be on a call (it doesn’t matter if you initiated or received it). After you add in the contacts, the active call details and buttons to manage your conference call move to the Conference Call panel.

Note: You can only be on one conference call at a time.

To participate in a conference call  from the Contact Center Client:

  1. With a call in progress, from the Call Console, click HOLD.
  1. Type the phone number of the contact you want to add to the call, then click Dial (the phone keypad icon). 
  1. When the person answers, from your desk phone handset or headset, announce the contact is being added to the call.
  1. To bring the other caller back into the call, from the Call Console, click the CONF button or use the conference keys on your desk phone.

    The active call details move to the Conference pane.
  1. To add more people, repeat the process.
  1. You can also do any of the following:

    • To drop a contact from the conference call, click the red END button by the contact’s caller ID.

    • To put a contact on hold, click the HOLD button by the contact’s caller ID.

    • To put your entire conference call on hold, click the HOLD button on the Conference Call pane header bar.

    • To end the conference call, click the END button on the Conference Call pane header bar. 

    • To drop yourself from the call, click the LEAVE button on the Conference Call panel header bar.
Note: If you leave a conference call, the other people can continue the conference call.

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