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Viewing and using the agents directory

From the Contacts pane’s agents directory in the Contact Center Supervisor Client you can view the agents who are assigned to you, get details about their queue membership, and call an agent from the directory list.

To view and use the agents directory:

  1. To expand the agents directory, from the Contacts pane, click the green arrow pointing up next to Agents.
  1. To view the queue(s) an agent is a member of, click on the agent’s name.
  1. To call the agent from the directory, click the CALL button.

    The client initiates the call and your desk phone rings.
  1. To talk with the agent, pick up your desk phone handset (or use your headset or speakerphone).
  1. You can also do one of the following:

    • To join or unjoin an agent from a queue, click the QUEUE button.

    • To change an agent’s ACD status, click the ACD button.

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