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Changing an Anywhere phone and call control settings

You can add, change, or delete an Anywhere device (mobile or landline) and change call control settings. For example, you can delete an old mobile phone number and add a new mobile phone number as your Anywhere device. You can also can turn the alert setting that rings your Anywhere device(s) off for any Click-to-Dial calls, and add more than one phone (another mobile or landline) as an Anywhere device.

Note: If Anywhere is grayed out on the toolbar or in the Services menu, the Anywhere feature is not available with your VoIP seat type.

To change your Anywhere device and call control settings:

  1. Open your browser or Microsoft Outlook with the Enterprise Assistant Toolbar.
  1. Click Services.

    The Services window opens with the toolbar features, displaying the last feature opened.
  1. Under the Call Control Menu, click Anywhere.
  1. To alert all phone numbers for Click-to-Dial calls, select the Alert to all locations for Click-to-Dial calls checkbox.
Note: This will call your desk phone, softphone (desktop or mobile) and Anywhere phone(s) (mobile or landline) when you call using the toolbar.
  1. To add your Anywhere device (mobile, landline, etc.), in the Anywhere Locations List section, click Add.
  1. To turn on Anywhere for the device, select the checkbox in the Enable column, then type the phone number and a description of your Anywhere phone.
  1. If you want your Anywhere phone to prompt you to press any button on your Anywhere phone to answer a call, select the Require Answer Confirmation checkbox.
  1. To access all of the call control services available from your desk phone on your Anywhere phone, select the Use BroadWorks-based Call Control Services checkbox.
  1. To set an alternate caller ID for outbound calls, in the Outbound Alternate Number/SIP URI field, type a phone number and an extension.
  1. To delete an Anywhere phone from the Anywhere Locations List, click on the row with the phone number, then click Delete.
  1. Do one of the following:

    • If you want to make additional changes, click Apply, then click on the next feature to set.

    • If you're done, click OK.
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