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Configuring your VoIP phone to use at home 

CenturyLink® Hosted VoIP Service allows you to take your phone home for up to six months at a time. After the six-month period, you either need to return the phone to the office or contact your account manager to have that location made permanent. Any time you move your phone or change locations, you should update your 911 address using the VoIP portal.

When you take your CenturyLink® VoIP phone home (or to another location outside the office) and it boots up with your office extension showing on the screen, you’re ready to go. If not, follow these steps to configure your phone manually. You may also need to verify the VLAN setting, and configure your router.

Note: When you take your phone off the CenturyLink-provided network, it becomes a best-effort service. CenturyLink service level agreements, quality of service (QoS), and the ability to connect to the hosted VoIP platform are not supported. Troubleshooting is limited to providing phone and router/firewall settings and it is your responsibility to configure those settings.
Important: Anytime you move your phone or change locations, you should update your 911 address using the VoIP portal.

To configure your VoIP phone manually:

  1. Press Menu (depending on your phone, this will either be a button or a soft key) or Home.
  1. Press 3 (Settings).
  1. Press 2 (Advanced).
  1. For the password, enter 235711, then press ENTER.
  1. Press 1 (Administration Settings).
  1. Press 2 (Call Server Configuration).
  1. Press 1 (SIP).
  1. Press SIP Outbound Proxy.
  1. In the Address field, check to if there is an IP address (e.g., or URL (e.g., listed and:

    • If you see a URL listed, your phone is set up for auto detection and you don't need to do anything to move your phone except update the 911 address in the VoIP portal.

    • If you need to manually configure a single phone, press the IP address or Edit, then change the IP address to

    • If you want to configure all your phones to automatically connect to CenturyLink, contact your CenturyLink representative to have all your phones changed to URLs.
Note: You can take your VoIP phone home for up to six months. (At the end of six months, you will need to do one of two things: contact your account manager to make the phone’s new location is permanent or return the phone to your office.)
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