Business Support

Verifying and configuring the VLAN setting on your phone

When you move your phone to or from your office, you will most likely need to change the VLAN settings. The best indication of this is receiving a URL error on the phone after bootup.

  1. Press MENU button.

  2. Press 3 for Settings.

  3. Press 2 for Advanced.

  4. Enter 456 or 235711 for the password then press ENTER.

    Note: If neither of the passwords listed above work, please contact your previous service provider, or the company you purchased the device(s) from, for the password.

  5. Press 1 for Admin Settings.

  6. Press 1 for Network Configuration.

  7. Arrow down and highlight the “....” next to the Ethernet menu, then press SELECT.

  8. Arrow down and highlight the “....” next to the VLAN menu, then press SELECT.

  9. Press EDIT and enter the VLAN ID:

    • If you're in your office, enter 10. (“10” is the default voice VLAN configured on CenturyLink provided routers. If you are not using a CenturyLink provided router, contact your network administrator for the correct voice VLAN.)

    • If you're in your home, remove the VLAN ID.

  10. Press the OK button.

  11. Press the BACK button.

  12. Press the BACK button again.

  13. Press the SELECT button to save the configuration.

  14. Press the BACK button.

  15. Press 3 to reboot the phone.

  16. Press the YES button (to confirm the reboot).