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Accessing your voicemail (VVX 300/400 series)

When you have new voicemail messages, there are three indicators on your device that will alert you:

  • a red, blinking indicator light on the upper-right corner of the phone

  • an envelope icon on your line key icon (instead of a phone icon)

  • a count of messages you have scrolling with the date/time

Accessing your voicemail

There are multiple ways to access voicemail, but the most convenient way (while in the office) is by using the voicemail button. The Voicemail button is to the left of your keypad and is labeled with an envelope.

  1. Press the Message button.

    Your display will indicate the number of urgent, new and old messages in your mailbox.

  2. Press the Connect soft key.

  3. After hearing your name and when prompted, enter your password followed by the # key.

    You will then receive an audible inventory for the number of new messages and saved messages.

Canceling the To Vmail transfer process

If you enter an incorrect digit, you can either cancel the transfer process or correct it prior to releasing the call.

  1. While entering the extension, press the Cancel soft key to return to your caller.

  2. To correct digits input incorrectly, press the << (back) soft key until all incorrect digits are removed.

  3. Using the keypad, enter the correct digits.

  4. To release the call, press the Enter soft key.

Did you know? You can also access voicemail by pressing the Home button to the right of your display. Use the navigation keys to locate and highlight messages. Press the Enter button in the center of the navigation keys and press the Select soft key with message center highlighted. Continue your login by pressing the Connect soft key.

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