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Accessing your voicemail (VVX 3xx/4xx series)

Your phone alerts you when you have new voicemail messages in several ways:

  • a red, blinking indicator light on the upper-right corner of the phone

  • an envelope icon on your line key icon (instead of a phone icon)

  • a scrolling count of new messages

Accessing your voicemail

You can access voicemail in multiple ways; however, the most convenient way while in the office is to use the Voicemail button, which is to the left of your keypad and is marked with an envelope.

To access your voicemail:

  1. Press the Message button.  

  2. Press the Connect soft key.

  3. After hearing your name and when prompted, enter your passcode followed by the # key.

     Your phone will tell you the number of new messages and saved messages.  
Note: You can also access voicemail by pressing the Home button to the right of your display. Use the navigation keys to locate and highlight messages. Press the Enter button in the center of the navigation keys and press the Select soft key with the message center highlighted. Continue your login by pressing the Connect soft key.

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