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Calling a favorite (VVX 3xx/4xx series)

There are several ways to call contacts which have been designated as a favorite. Favorites with the lowest index numbers appear first on your display. With a typical configuration, the VVX 3xx allows you to display up to 4 favorites. The VVX 4xx, with a typical configuration, allows you to display up to 10 favorites. (This varies based on additional features programmed by your company administrator.)

Let's start with the fastest way to dial a favorite: it doesn't get easier than this!

  1. Any button on your device with a grey silhouette is a favorite.

  2. Press the button for the favorite you want to call. It's that easy!

Because you have a limited number of buttons on which favorites can be programmed, you can call the rest of your favorites by doing the following:

  1. Press the up navigation key to open the favorites list.

  2. Use the up and down navigation keys to search for the contact you want to call.

  3. With that contact highlighted, press the Dial soft key.

Here is a final way to call your favorites:

  1. Press the Home button.

  2. Navigate to Directories, then press the Select button (in the center of the navigation keys).

  3. Use the down navigation key to highlight Favorites, then press the Select soft key.

  4. Navigate to the contact you want to call, then press the Dial soft key.

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