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Creating a contact manually (VVX 300/400 series)

You can add contacts to your directory manually if you haven't called the person recently.

  1. Press the Home button.

  2. Press the right navigation key to highlight Directories, then press the Select button (in the center of the navigation keys).

  3. With Contact Directory highlighted, press the Select soft key.

  4. Press the Add soft key.

  5. Use the up and down navigation keys to access additional fields. As always, First Name, Last Name, and Contact (telephone number) are mandatory fields. Use the keypad to enter your contact's information. Entering letters from the keypad is like texting prior to smart phones: To type A, press 2 once. To type C, press 2 three times.

  6. Navigate down to the Favorite Index field. The next consecutive index number will automatically display. Index numbers determine the order your favorites appear in your favorites list and on your display. To remove an index mumber press 0 on your keypad. To assign a new index number, press the number on your keypad.

  7. Press the Save soft key. (Alternately, if you decide not to save the contact, press Cancel.)

    This is how additional favorites appear on your display as they are added:

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