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Making calls (VVX 300/400 series)

You can place a call in several ways:

  • Lifting the handset, then dialing
  • Pressing the Headset or Handsfree button, then dialing
  • Pressing an available line key, then dialing
  • Making a new call through home view (instructions below)

Making a call from home view

Press the Home button (to the right of your screen). This exposes all home view options:

  1. Press the New Call soft key. (If the New Call soft key isn’t visible, use the navigation keys to locate and highlight the New Call soft key.)

  2. Press the Enter button (in the center of the navigation keys).

  3. Using the keypad, enter the extension or 10-digit number you want to call.

  4. Place your call by doing one of the following:

    • Press the Dial soft key

    • Lift the handset

    • Press the Headset or Handsfree button

Did you know? End/disconnect your call in the normal manner:

  • Return the handset to the cradle

  • Press the End Call soft key

  • Press the Headset button or Handsfree button (if using either)

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