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Managing busy lamp fields (VVX 3xx/4xx series)

Are there individuals in your office that you call often, and also need to manage their calls? If you need to answer or manage calls for other individuals in your office, you can program them as a busy lamp field. Busy lamp field keys allow you to answer, dial the extension and monitor. In addition, they can be used while transferring calls and conferencing.

What does a busy lamp field appearance look like?

A typical phone design provides you with one or two private lines. Your private lines are identified by the handset icon and your extension. Line keys programmed as busy lamp fields are identified by a silhouette icon (gray on a VVX 3xx and blue on a VVX 4xx).

Answering a busy lamp field

Busy lamp fields have similar, but more powerful functionality, than shared call appearances. When you answer a shared call appearance, you are answering the call that person's line, which can then be placed on hold and resumed on their phone. When you answer a busy lamp field, you're pulling their call to your primary line, so it cannot be placed on hold or resumed on the owner's phone. If the owner needs to resume the call, you must transfer the call to them following the transfer process.

  1. To answer an incoming call for a busy lamp field, press the pickup soft key or press the button next to the ringing busy lamp field key.

    Either method pulls that caller from the busy lamp field key and places it on your primary line.

  2. If the caller needs to speak to the party they dialed, you must transfer them to that individual; the call cannot be placed on hold and picked up at the primary phone.

Ways to use a busy lamp field key

In addition to answering and monitoring busy lamp field keys, you can use those keys in other ways:

  • Monitor: view if a line is in use or idle.

  • Dial: press a busy lamp field key to dial that individual.

  • Transfer: use the busy lamp field key in the transfer process instead of manually dialing the extension.

  • Conference: use the busy lamp field in the conference process instead of manually dialing the extension.

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