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Managing shared call appearances (VVX 3xx/4xx series)

Do you need to see when someone else is on their phone? Do you need to provide call coverage and answer another person's line? Your phone supports a feature referred to as shared call appearances. This feature may be more commonly called a line appearance or shared line. If you draw dial tone from a shared call appearance and make a call, the party at the far end will see the caller ID of that line, not your caller ID.

What does a shared call appearance look like?

A standard or typical phone design provides you with one or two incoming line keys. Those keys are identified by your extension. Shared call appearances generally follow your personal extensions, and may overflow to the keys on the right side of your display. Shared call appearances are identified by a handset (or shadowed handset) icon.

Answering shared call appearances

Shared call appearances can audibly ring on your phone or you can be set to silent. These settings can be changed directly from your phone. For example, if you provide call coverage for multiple people within your organization, each line can have its own unique ring type to help distinguish between incoming calls.

  1. To answer an incoming call for a shared call appearance, press the Answer soft key or press the button next to the ringing line key.

  2. To answer an incoming call while on an active call, press the ringing line key or the Answer soft key.

    This automatically places your existing call on hold.

Managing multiple calls

There are two ways to manage active and held calls. Let's start with the easiest way:

  1. The button for a line key on hold blinks red, while an active line is solid green.

  2. To toggle between calls, press the red blinking line key.

    This automatically brings you to the held call and places your existing call on hold.

  3. Toggle between calls, automatically placing the active call on hold, by pressing the blinking red line key.

  4. With a shared line on hold, the owner of that line can also resume the call from their phone.

Here's another way to manage multiple calls:

  1. Use your down navigation key to highlight the held call; the active call will always be the call record at the top of your screen.

  2. Press the Resume soft key.

    This places your existing call on hold, and reorders the call records on your screen, again placing the active call at the top of the screen.

  3. The owner of the shared line, in the example below, can also resume the call from their device if you place the call on hold.

Did you know? Remember, these devices do not have touch screens. To use soft keys, press the physical buttons below the soft key at the bottom of the display.

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