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Moving calls from a mobile device to your desk phone (VVX 3xx/4xx series)

To allow the pull feature to work, you will need to set up your anywhere mobile device in your end-user portal. For instructions on how to set up your anywhere device, refer to "anywhere" in the end user portal guide.

Once your anywhere device is set up and you are on an active call on your mobile phone, follow the steps below to move an active call to your VVX phone.

  1. Press the Pull soft key.
  1. THAT'S IT!

Your existing call moves seamlessly from your mobile phone to your desk phone.

Did you know? Anywhere is a feature only available with premium seats. If you don’t find the anywhere feature in your end-user portal, you do not have a seat that supports the anywhere feature. Contact your company administrator to determine if you can get access to this feature.

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