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Placing calls on hold and resuming held calls (VVX 300/400 series)

As with any phone, your VVX 300 or VVX 400 series phone allows you to place existing calls on hold. You do this on either phone by using the Hold soft key or Hold button.

Placing a call on hold

You can place a call on hold using either the Hold soft key or the Hold button. While on an active call, the Hold soft key appears at the bottom of your screen. The Hold button is located to the left of your keypad.

  1. With a call in progress, press either the Hold soft key or the Hold button.

    Your caller is placed on hold and your line key will blink red.

Resuming a held call

You can resume a held call in three ways:

  • Press the Resume soft key.

  • Press the red, blinking line key.

  • Press the Hold button (to the left of the keypad).

Did you know? Your phone also has a feature that is referred to as auto hold. If you are on an existing call and receive an incoming call, simply press the Answer soft key or the physical line key button. This automatically places your existing call on hold without having to use the Hold soft key or Hold button.

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