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Transferring callers directly to voicemail (VVX 3xx/4xx series)

Is your boss in their office and does not want to take calls? Are you transferring a caller to someone who stepped away from their desk? Use the Transfer to Voicemail feature to send a caller directly to voicemail so they can leave a message. Transferring in this manner doesn't allow the party to answer and their device will not ring.

Transferring callers directly to voicemail

With a call in progress, transfer the caller directly to voicemail by doing the following:

  1. Press the To Vmail soft key. (You may need to press the More soft key to access the To Vmail soft key.)

  2. On the keypad, enter the extension number for the voicemail mailbox you want to transfer the caller to.

  3. Press the Enter soft key to release the call.

    The caller goes directly to voicemail and can leave a voicemail message.

Canceling the To Vmail transfer process

If you enter an incorrect digit, you can either cancel the transfer process or correct the digit prior to releasing the call.

  • To cancel the transfer to voicemail, press the Cancel soft key to return to your caller.

  • To correct the transfer number, press the << (back) soft key to remove all incorrect digits. Then, enter the correct digits and press the Enter soft key to release the call.

Did you know? If you transfer a caller directly to voicemail, they can leave a message or they can press "0" to speak to another party (known as “zero out”) if that individual is programmed with an escape to operator option.

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