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Using do not disturb (DND) on your phone (VVX 3xx/4xx series)

In a meeting or don't want to be interrupted by calls? Are you headed to lunch or home for the evening and want callers to go directly to voicemail? Both of these needs can be satisfied by using the do not disturb feature.

Turning on do not disturb

When do not disturb is enabled, callers will be sent directly to voicemail and have the option to leave you a message. If your profile was set up with an escape-to-operator option, the caller can press "0" while in your voicemail and they will be redirected to another party. When do not disturb is enabled, your phone will not ring.

  1. To turn on do not disturb, press the DND soft key.

  2. Press the Enable soft key.

    The handset icon and status bar at the top of the device provides indication that your device is in do-not-disturb mode.

Did you know? Do not disturb is commonly referred to as DND.

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