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Dialing a contact from a call list on your phone (VVX 50x/60x series)

Every time you make or receive a call on your phone, the caller's information is recorded in a call list, which you can then use to redial a contact. Each record contains a phone number, the date/time of the call, and the length of the call.

Your call lists can be used to redial calls you made, missed, or received. The phone number must be a valid extension or 10-digit phone number to dial directly from a call list.

To dial a contact from a call list:

  1. Tap the Callers soft key or tap the clock icon to access your call list.
  1. Filter or sort your list to narrow your search.

  2. Swipe the display up and down to find the contact you want to call.

  3. After you've found the contact, tap on the record to place your call.
Note: If a caller ID is unavailable for a missed or a received call, you will not be able to call the contact back from the log. A call record must have a valid extension or 10-digit phone number to redial.

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