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Editing a contact on your phone (VVX 50x/60x series)

If the name or phone number for one of your contacts changes, you can easily update your contact directory.You can also delete a contact.

To edit a contact:

  1. Press the Home button and tap Directories.

  2. Swipe the display up and down to highlight the contact you want to edit.

  3. With the contact highlighted, tap the pencil icon.

  4. Swipe the display up and down to access the field you want to edit, then tap on that field.

  5. To modify the record, tap the keyboard icon in the upper right corner of your display, then enter your changes.

  6. Tap the Save soft key or tap Cancel to exit without saving your changes.
Note: You can also access directories by tapping the Clock icon (at the top of your display), then tap the Directories soft key, then tap Contact Directory from the directories screen.

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