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Forwarding calls on your phone (VVX 50x/60x series)

With call forwarding you can be working away from your desk and still answer your calls by forwarding them to another phone.

Note: If you forward your phone to a number that is outside of your local calling area, long distance charges may apply. If the the person doesn't answer, callers are sent to voicemail.  

Forwarding calls while the phone is ringing

If your phone is ringing and you want to direct the call to someone else, you can redirect the call without answering it. 

To forward calls while the phone is ringing:

  1. tap the Forward soft key

  2. enter the number you want to forward the call to

  3. tap the Forward soft key

Forwarding all calls to another number/person

You can set up your phone to forward all calls to another phone, even if the do not disturb feature is on:

  1. tap the Forward soft key

  2. select the forwarding option from the forwarding type screen:

    • always—forward all incoming calls

    • no answer—forward all unanswered incoming calls and specify the number of rings (we recommend three)

    • busy—forward incoming calls if your line is busy

  3. enter the number you want to forward calls to, then tap the Enable soft key

    The forwarding number displays in the status bar at the top of the phone screen. If the phone is idle, the forwarding icon also appears as a green arrow pointing to your extension.

Turning off call forwarding

When you no longer need to forward your calls, you can disable call forwarding to resume normal calling.

To disable call forwarding:

  1. press the Home button

  2. tap Forward soft key

  3. select the forwarding option you want to disable from the forwarding type screen

  4. if your phone has multiple lines, select the line you want to disable forwarding

  5. tap the Disable soft key

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