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Managing busy lamp fields on your phone (VVX 50x/60x series)

A busy lamp field lets you monitor and answer a colleague's extension. If you speak with that person frequently, you can easily dial the number by tapping the busy lamp field line key, indicated with a blue silhouette icon. In addition, busy lamp fields can be used while transferring a call to your colleague's line and adding people to a conference call.

Viewing a busy lamp field

Line keys programmed as busy lamp fields fall below your private lines and are identified by a silhouette icon. Your phone will have one or two private lines and are identified with your extension and handset icon. 

Answering a busy lamp field

Busy lamp fields have similar, but more powerful functionality, than shared call appearances. When you answer a busy lamp field, you are pulling the call to your primary line.

To answer an incoming call from a busy lamp field:

  1. Tap the Pickup soft key or tap the busy lamp field line.

  2. If the caller needs to speak to the person dialed, you must transfer the call to that individual; the call cannot be placed on hold and picked up at the primary phone.

Using a busy lamp field key

Use busy lamp field keys as short cuts, so you don't have to manually dial extensions for these actions:

  • Dial—tap this busy lamp field key to place a call 
  • Transfer—tap this busy lamp field key to transfer a caller
  • Conference—tap this busy lamp field key to add a caller to a call
Note: If you want to compare the differences between shared call appearances and busy lamp fields, use this chart for a quick comparison of these features.

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