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Moving calls from your mobile phone to desk phone (VVX 50x/60x series)

If you make a call using the Anywhere feature from your mobile phone, you can continue your call when you return to the office. For the Anywhere feature to work, you need to set up your designated mobile phone as your anywhere phone, in the VoIP portal.

Anywhere is a feature only available with premium seats. If you cannot find the Anywhere feature in your portal, you do not have a supported seat type. Contact your organization's administrator if you want to add this feature.

Making a call from your anywhere mobile phone  

If you're away from your office and need to make a call, and don't want your client to know your mobile number, you can call them using the anywhere pilot number. Using this number also allows you to "pull' an active call from your mobile phone to your desk phone, to continue your conversation.You can find your anywhere pilot number in the end-user portal.

To make a call using your anywhere pilot number:

  1. From your mobile phone, dial the anywhere pilot number (save this number as a contact or speed dial in your mobile phone for easy access).

  2. When prompted for the destination digits, dial the number for the person you're calling.

    The person sees the caller ID of your desk phone, and not the caller ID from you mobile phone.

Moving a call from your anywhere mobile device to your desk phone

If you're on an active call on your anywhere mobile phone, and you used the anywhere pilot number, you can move your active call to your desk phone.

To move an active call from your mobile phone to your desk phone:

  1. Tap the Pull soft key on your desk phone.

  2. Seamlessly continue your call from your desk phone.

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