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Parking a call on your phone (VVX 50x/60x series)

When a call is parked, it remains in the cloud until it is retrieved from another phone within your office. If the call is not retrieved within the time limit set by your organization's administrator, it will ring back to the phone it was parked from.

Below are examples for the perfect times to use the call park and retrieve features:

  • Example 1—you are in a conference room and need to continue your call at your desk. You can't transfer to your phone because the call will go to voicemail before you can get back to your desk to answer it.

  • Example 2—a receptionist or coworker receives a call for you and sees you're away from your desk. If the call is transferred to your phone, the call will likely go to voicemail before you get to your desk to answer it.

To park a call:

  1. With a call in progress, tap the Park soft key. (You may need to tap the More soft key to access the Park soft key.)
  1. Do one of the following:

    • To park a call on a different extension, enter that extension followed by the # key.

    • To park a call on your extension, press the # key.

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