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Saving a contact from a call list on your phone (VVX 50x/60x series)

One way to add a contact who has called you, or you have called, is to save the contact from your call log. You can also add a contact to your directory by creating a contact manually.

To save a contact from a call list:

  1. Tap the Callers soft key or tap the clock icon at the top of your display to access the call list.

  2. Filter or sort your list to narrow your search.

  3. Swipe the display up or down to locate the call record and tap the icon.
Note: If you tap anywhere else on the call record, it dials the number. 
  1. Tap the Save button.
  1. To make changes to a field, tap the field (First Name, Last Name, Contact, etc.), then tap the Keyboard icon at the top of the display to populate a field.You must fill in at least the First Name or Last Name fields, and provide a valid number in the Contact field. All other fields are optional.
Note: If you make a mistake in a field, use the delete icon (X) to remove incorrect characters and return to the keyboard to correct your entry.
  1. Tap the checkmark icon in the upper-right corner of the display, to save information for each field.

  2. Tap the next field to continue customizing the entry or tap the Save soft key. (To cancel saving the contact, tap the Cancel soft key.)

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