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Using do not disturb on your phone (VVX 50x/60x series)

The do not disturb feature (referred to as DND) is used for sending callers directly to voicemail. Reasons to use it may include when you're in a meeting, working and you don't want to be interrupted, going to lunch, or going home at the end of the day.

Note: If you have additional lines appearing on your phone, after tapping DND, you will need to tap the display to indicate which lines you want to place on DND. Typically, you'll be tapping your line, which will be designated as Line 1.  

Turning on do not disturb

When do not disturb is enabled, callers are sent directly to voicemail and have the option to leave you a message. If your profile is set up with an escape-to-operator option, callers can press 0 and they will be redirected to another person. When do not disturb is enabled, your phone will not ring.

To turn on the do not disturb:

  1. Tap the DND soft key.

  2. Tap the Enable soft key.

    The handset with a red circle and white line icon indicates your phone is in DND mode.

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