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Thank you for choosing CenturyLink® Hosted VoIP. We want to provide you with excellent service, starting with a smooth installation. To help with your install, we will assign you a technical project coordinator (TPC) who will be your main point of contact while we install your service. We will also assign a system designer (SD) to help you program your new phones and train your employees.

Installation process steps are below. We will handle most tasks, but we will contact you through the installation to ask for information we need to set up your service.

Step 1:
Place your order

Sign your contract and return it to our sales team to begin your Hosted VoIP installation.

Step 2:
Meet the CenturyLink team handling your order

Meet your project coordinator, account consultant, and sales professional.

Outcome: we will confirm your roles and responsibilities—as well as ours—with an overview of the proposed solution.

Responsibility: project coordinator + customer technical contact(s).

Step 3:
CenturyLink enters
your order and starts provisioning

We place your order and start configuring your service:
  • install data circuit
  • ship hardware
  • introduce your system designer and discuss your end users
  • set up your end users in the VoIP portal

Outcome: the project coordinator will begin after you request installation. 

Responsibility: project coordinator, account consultant, customer technical contact(s).

Note: If you're using VoIP over a non-CenturyLink ISP, please follow these guidelines.

Step 4:
CenturyLink installs
your service

  • install site hardware
  • train your end users (system designer)

Outcome: after your phone system is installed, your system designer will train you and your end users.

Responsibility: project coordinator and customer technical contact(s).

Step 5:
CenturyLink ports your telephone numbers

  • select date and time to port your phone numbers
  • activate VoIP services

Outcome: the project coordinator works with you to schedule porting.

Responsibility: project coordinator and customer technical contact(s).

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