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Adding a contact to your speed dial directory

You can use Receptionist Console to assign contacts to your speed dial directory, so you can quickly dial them using a one- or two-digit code.

To add a contact to your speed dial directory:

  1. From the Contacts pane, click the Speed Dial tab.
  1. From the right side of the directory’s management bar, click edit (the pencil icon).
  1. In the Edit Speed Dials window, click + Add.
  1. To assign a speed dial code for the contact, from the Code column, select a one- or two-digit code  from the Code list.
  1. In the Phone Number field, type the contact’s phone number.
  1. In the Description field, type the contact’s name or description, then press enter on your keyboard.

    The contact is now listed in your speed dial directory and you can use the speed dial code to dial the contact.
  1. To close the Edit Speed Dials window, click the x on the top right of the window.
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