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Signing in to Receptionist Console

After the first time you access Receptionist Console and sign in, you can access the application and sign in via a web browser.

Note:  You can only have one active session of Receptionist Console going at a time. If you sign in from a second location, you’ll get the following alert from the first session’s browser: You have been signed out as you have signed in from another location.

To sign in to Receptionist Console:

  1. In your web browser, type the URL: (or click on the Receptionist Console bookmark).
  1. Type your user ID and password. Remember, the user ID and password are case sensitive.
Note: If you don’t have your VoIP portal credentials, you’ll find the sign-in information in your welcome email. 
  1. To stay signed in to the Receptionist Console, select the checkbox next to Stayed Signed In.
Note: If you select to stay signed in, you’re automatically reconnected and signed in to the server when there’s a network connection.
  1. To bookmark the Receptionist Console URL, click the Bookmark this Page link,
    then Ctrl D.

  2. Click Sign In.