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Viewing and using your enterprise directory in Receptionist Console

Your enterprise directory contains all of the users from your organization. If you’ve selected users to monitor in the VoIP portal, their status will show next to their names in the enterprise directory.

To view and use the enterprise directory:

  1. Sign in to Receptionist Console.
  1. From the Contacts pane, click the Enterprise tab.

  2. To call the contact using the directory, click on the contact’s record, then click CALL.
  1. If you’ve selected to monitor the contact in the VoIP portal, identify the contact’s phone status  by the icon next to the individual’s name:
  1. To add a note about a user, such as the person is on vacation or out of the office, click Notes.
  1. In the notes window, type a message, (e.g. on vacation, travelling for business, at the doctor), then click OK.