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Comprehensive, Rapid-Deployment Solutions

Enterprises are wrangling a mountain of data on a molehill of compute and storage resources. To solve this problem, IT departments have begun to explore Big Data solutions such as Apache Hadoop. However, many businesses need support and technical expertise, especially when there are critical IT systems at stake. Companies often don’t know how to effectively leverage data, once collected, into actionable insights.

CenturyLink has the solution. Our Big-Data-as-a-Service not only provides near-unlimited resources in a high-performance computing cluster, but simplifies management with the assistance of a dedicated team of Data Science experts and Managed Cloudera Hadoop.

We begin the engagement with our Data-to-Decisions Workshops, where our expert Big Data Architects collaborate with the customer's management team, aligning business and technology objectives to deliver a pilot Data Platform scope and Phased Roadmap.

The solution, with storage, processing and management components, is then deployed on Bare Metal Cloud servers: a flexible, efficient, scalable environment for processing data. And it’s all delivered via secure CenturyLink network and infrastructure.


Big Data-as-a-Service Benefits

Maximum Performance
Our Big Data service is deployed on the CenturyLink Cloud® Bare Metal servers configured specifically for Big Data applications. Compute and storage is isolated to help ensure a high level of performance for compute-intensive workloads or “batch” jobs needing short bursts of compute power.
Data-to-Decisions Workshops
Expedite time-to-value with our Data-to-Decisions Workshops. Leverage our Data Analytics and Cloudera experts to formulate and deliver a Big Data solution faster, that’s fully aligned with business objectives. It's a comprehensive white glove service, from needs assessment to analytics and insights.
Highly Available
Keep jobs moving and data available at all times. In addition to Hadoop’s innate redundancy model, the CenturyLink Managed Services Team will keep the entire system running at peak efficiency so that the Big Data solution can sustain virtually anything.
Fully Managed Services
With CenturyLink providing a fully managed platform including infrastructure, network, monitoring and support, you can focus on turning Big Data into your biggest business advantage.
Secure and Compliant
CenturyLink Cloud Big Data-as-a-Service is secured for a global workforce. Customer and enterprise data remains secure and compliant with our enterprise-class infrastructure, network and Managed Security services.
Data and Analytics Expertise
Our certified Data Scientists and Big Data engineers assist with conceptualization and implementation. We provide a dedicated team to help formulate, deliver and support a solution according to your business and technology objectives.

Big Data-as-a-Service

Advanced Analytics Consultation

  • Data-to-Decisions Workshops: The team guides clients every step of the way – starting with our Data-to-Decisions Workshops leveraging proven methodologies to:
    • Help client leadership teams effectively align business and technology objectives
    • Prioritize use cases identified as business critical
    • Perform up-front needs assessment and requirements definition
    • Delivery of Phased Roadmap, TCO, Value Realization and Change Management Plan
  • Dedicated Team of Experts: To help ensure efficiency and alignment with each customer's unique business and IT objectives, CenturyLink assigns a dedicated team of experienced Data Scientists and Big Data Architects to facilitate each engagement from concept through implementation and data analytics.
    • Data Science Practitioners with Advanced Degrees and Domain & Industry Expertise
    • Vast Experience with Industry Models & Methodologies
    • Access to Advanced Visualization, Modeling & Automation Tools
    • 60+ Packaged Industry Use Case Implementations
    • Proven Success in Rapid Deployment of Solutions

Compute and storage is isolated to help ensure a high level of performance for compute-intensive workloads or “batch” jobs needing bursts of compute power for a short time.

Cloudera Platform Features

  • Certified Cloudera Engineers: A team of CenturyLink administrators, developers and architects trained and certified – delivering use-case-driven expertise.
  • Cloudera Manager: An end-to-end management application for Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Hadoop: Reliable, scalable distributed storage and computing
  • Hue: Apache-licensed browser-based desktop interface for Hadoop
  • Flume: Distributed framework for collecting and aggregating log and event data, and streaming it into HDFS or HBase in real-time
  • MapReduce & Yarn: Distributed computing framework for Apache Hadoop
  • HBase (with HBase Option): Scalable record and table storage with real-time read/write access
  • Hive: Metadata repository with SQL-like interface and ODBC/JDBC drivers for connecting BI applications to Hadoop

Managed Activities

  • Hosting: Solution deployed on CenturyLink Bare Metal Cloud servers
    • 20 core (2x10), 256 GB RAM, SSD & HDD; Intel Xeon E5-2650 v3 @2.3 GHz
    • 2x 800 GB Raw SSD | 12x2 TB Raw @7200rpm | 24 TB JBOD Configurable
  • License: Maintain licensing and software assurance with Cloudera
  • Installation
    • Prepare server for application service (OS specific parameters)
    • Install & QA Hadoop software, Cloudera management tools & monitoring
  • Connectivity: Configure connectivity for host headers, TCP, IP's and SSL
  • Administration
    • Account Access
    • Server, Cluster and Network monitoring
    • Restart/Stop/Start services
    • Update managed servers with recommended security patches, minor updates and hot-fixes upon customer request
    • Perform node repair/extraction/insertion without impacting customer use

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