Focus on What Matters: Growing Your Business, Not Managing Infrastructure

Economically start, grow and support applications using on-demand server resources in a virtualized environment that is easily accessible over a public network.

The CenturyLink portfolio of elastic, on-demand cloud services helps you focus on what matters: growing your business, not infrastructure provisioning and management.

CenturyLink® Public Cloud services allow you to economically start, grow and support applications using on-demand server resources in a virtualized environment that is easily accessible over a public network.


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Save time and space, and eliminate the ever-increasing cost of updating and maintaining a complicated infrastructure with CenturyLink Cloud Compute. So whether you're a business manager looking to move your existing apps and databases to the cloud, or a programmer who wants to create development and test environments, we have a cloud solution that's reliable and cost effective.

Productivity and Efficiency

Host the proprietary apps and databases you and your business use most. With CenturyLink Cloud, you can access them from virtually anywhere.                                                                                                                                                 

Dependable Performance

Native load balancing backed by a 99.9% SLA helps ensure maximum uptime for all your online properties, like your corporate website or ecommerce site.


Our cloud products offer strict security for confidential things like online payments and user data, helping you meet PCI, HIPAA and CSA compliance requirements.

Business Continuity

Protect your business against the unexpected and take advantage of storing your data in the cloud, instead of storing it locally on your computer or on a hard drive.

Cost Effective

A great thing about CenturyLink Cloud Compute is that you only pay for what you use, no CapEx required. Our cloud provides the competitive agility and elasticity your business needs to get ahead.


We're there when you need us. Always. Our industry leading support and knowledge center provides you with a number of support options to fit your business needs.

Flexible Options

We offer a number of moldable cloud management options. Whether you want public, private, bare metal or even a hybrid approach, we'll help you administer and set up a cloud environment fully equipped for maximum performance. Opt for a self-managed cloud using our unified Control Portal, or rely on our experts to help you. Either way, we'll ensure your cloud is specifically tailored for what your business needs.

The CenturyLink Cloud Difference

When compared to competitive offerings our customers say that we outperform and exceed their expectations in these key areas:

Source: TechValidate survey of CenturyLink Cloud, 2015.


Build cloud servers to meet your specific requirements, rather than choosing from a rigid set of pre-configured options. Our compute services are consumed and billed on an hourly basis.


Up to 16vCPUs 
Hourly, per vCPU


Up to 128 GB RAM 
Hourly, per GB


Up to 4 TB local 
Hourly, per GB allocated


Use Blueprints to build an unlimited number of deployable "templates" including VM specs, operating systems, software packages and scripts. Deploy on demand. 

Infrastructure Management

Conduct routine infrastructure administrative tasks, including monitoring and maintenance of equipment as well as firmware and OS updates and patches. 

Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitor infrastructure, and report across CPU, disk usage and server performance. 

Account Management & Groups

Track cloud resource usage and spending with "groups" that match your organizational structure. This simplifies billing across different divisions. 


Manage and apply CPU Autoscale policies for Cloud servers. Automatically scale up and down based on user-defined thresholds. 


"Defense in depth" security model, with safeguards at multiple levels. 

Patch Management

Automatic patching of individual servers or Groups through Blueprint, script package or API. 


High-performance compute instances offering breakthrough performance for data and web scale architectures like Hadoop, Cassandra, Couchbase and more. 


Supports data transfer over the public Internet. Note: there is no charge for internal data center traffic. 
Cost on a per-GB-out model

Data Backup

Set custom retention policies for data stored on VMs. 
Cost per GB used

Virtual Load Balancing 

Shared virtual load balancer. 

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

CDN services from multiple providers. 
Cost per GB used


Persistent point-to-point VPN tunnel. 

Operating Systems

CenturyLink Cloud Servers are preconfigured with an ever-growing list of operating systems. 

  • CentOS5
  • CentOS6
  • Debian 6
  • Debian 7
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 5
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 6
  • RedHat Enterprise Linux 7
  • Ubuntu 12
  • Ubuntu 14
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Server 2012 R2

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Nightingale, a provider of Electronic Health Records (EHR) and practice management solutions, needed a cost effective way to accelerate growth in the United States while expanding their feature set—learn how CenturyLink helped make it happen.

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