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IT Solutions to Help Transform Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are struggling to remain competitive. Big data, cybersecurity and machine learning analytics are assailing the insurance carrier’s IT department. Fixed IT resources, an outdated ecosystem of providers and legacy business processes are not designed to respond to a dynamic market.

Market drivers such as real-time data analytics are dramatically changing the landscape for carriers. Sophisticated and real-time risk assessments help the insurer better manage risk, serve more markets and attract new business.

CenturyLink can help.


A Faster Path Toward Digital Transformation

CenturyLink provides scale efficiencies and deep expertise across data, networks, infrastructure and security to achieve a faster path toward digital transformation.
  • Deep data science and big data expertise with Cognilytics
  • Day-to-day cost efficiencies with the automation of IT services, ‘government grade’ cyber-security programs and a broad global network
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform to move seamlessly across co-located, hosted, and cloud environments
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