Managed Services

Get the Communications Expertise You Need So That You Can Focus on Your Core Business

You’ve got enough to do while simply running your business. You shouldn’t have to worry about your data, phones, Internet and other key services. By using CenturyLink Managed Services, you’ll get the communications expertise you need so that you can focus on your core business—all from a single provider.

Business leaders know all too well the challenge of trying to compete in a crowded marketplace while still keeping up with business demands. It’s especially challenging when one demand, such as IT services, takes up time and money that could be spent instead on growing the business. We know that business leaders want to be able to free up IT staff from tasks that keep them from focusing on the bigger-picture work that drives business revenue. Or to reduce risk and downtime that cause loss of revenue and reputation.

Managed services are one way to alleviate the pressure on IT staff (or person) and refocus them on more important things. It can be easy and cost-effective to move things like VoIP, email, data backup, and website hosting to a third party, through managed services—to keep your business focused on business.

Benefits of CenturyLink Managed Services

  • One Solution – A single, responsible party helps ensure you are secure with your services, so you can save time and money.
  • Savings – One low, monthly cost helps eliminate inefficiencies while avoiding the need for up-front capital investments.
  • Focused Expertise – By letting someone else take care of your communications, you can focus on running your core business.

CenturyLink Managed Services Solutions

IT Solutions
Keep ahead of rapidly evolving technology and service performance expectations.

Managed Applications
Improve business efficiency with managed applications hosting services.

Managed Enterprise
Get a dedicated, customized, fully managed service that includes flexible pricing and dedicated support.

Managed Hosting
Get the support you need for your IT environment.

Managed Office
Access your data, voice, and core business applications, all in one managed solution.

Network Management
Keep your carrier-grade network running reliably and cost-effectively.

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