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Seamlessly deliver your video, applications and more using our reliable, secure high-performance network.

Screaming Fast Content Delivery
Rapid. Scalable. Trusted. Deliver seamless streaming video and far-reaching digital content distribution with our Content Delivery Network (CDN). It empowers you to succeed by leveraging the CenturyLink network’s scalability, global footprint and proven customer service.

Many of the biggest names in media trust CenturyLink to deliver their content to global customers every day.
CenturyLink named a CDN Leader by the IDC MarketScape
Strategies for growth and a focus on innovation distinguish CenturyLink as a leader in the CDN market.
Mangomolo expands with a high-performance network

To grow… we need a strong backbone to deliver the content, and that’s why CenturyLink’s role is so vital.”

—Wissam Sabbagh, Founder of Mangomolo

Grow your customer base through the reach and reliability of our high-capacity, high-speed network.
Monitor and mitigate security threats while protecting your assets, your information and your customers.
Deliver consistently smooth and reliable content for an exceptional viewing experience.
Origin services
Object-based storage

CenturyLink® CDN Object Storage is a global, scalable CDN origin solution for content providers who demand high-speed transfer, high availability and security for their content.

File-based storage

Directly connected to CenturyLink’s global IP backbone, the Origin Storage Platform is integrated with the CenturyLink® CDN for easy, reliable delivery of stored files over the internet.

Video Delivery
Digital Downloads
Origin Services
Over-the-Top (OTT) Video Solutions
From content acquisition, storage and encoding to multi-device delivery, we can be your trusted, single provider for simple, scalable OTT video solutions.

Over-the-Top Video Delivery

From content acquisition to storage, encoding and distribution, our end-to-end video delivery solutions address all your needs from a single provider.



Powering next-gen video delivery

CenturyLink® CDN Mesh Delivery combines a global CDN with the resilience and scalability of a distributed mesh architecture—so your company can provide smooth, reliable on-demand video and streaming linear channels.

Provide a better viewing experience

Overcome the challenge of delivering high-quality video on-demand while scaling efficiently. CenturyLink CDN Mesh delivery helps Video on-Demand (VOD) platforms increase delivery capacity and video quality in a cost-effective manner—even during the most demanding traffic spikes. CenturyLink CDN Mesh Delivery is a powerful solution for popular series, catch-up TV, viral social content and more.

Deliver reliable live streaming, regardless of traffic spikes

CenturyLink CDN Mesh Delivery offers flexibility and resiliency to help live broadcasters take advantage of traffic spikes, creating a more powerful network as more devices stream. Deliver rapid and reliable live video with a solution that scales naturally to any audience.

Efficient scaling

Deliver rapid and reliable content to your growing audience, even during unpredictable traffic spikes.

Global reach

Deliver your content to viewers around the world—even those in hard to reach places.

Exceptional performance

Improve quality of experience for your end-users with delivery from the fastest and most efficient source.

CenturyLink acquires Streamroot, extends CDN global reach
451 Research explores the CenturyLink acquisition of Streamroot and its peer-to-peer networking capabilities, deepening the scale and scope of the CenturyLink© CDN.

Over-the-Top video delivery

From content acquisition to storage, encoding and distribution, our end-to-end video delivery solutions address all your needs from a single provider.

Controllable edge platform for web applications
Achieve exceptional performance, scalability and security with the edge compute platform built for modern engineering teams.

Why CenturyLink CDN Edge Compute

CenturyLink® CDN Edge Compute is a comprehensive solution enabling high-performance, scalability and security. Engineers gain complete, code-level control over edge workload configuration, testing and global deployment.

Developers can run workloads where they define the edge using DevOps-friendly metrics, logs and alerts for ongoing troubleshooting and tuning of edge modules.


Are you ready to “break the monolith”?

Re-architect your application environments to accelerate and secure modern workloads. With the CDN Edge Compute platform you can optimize development cycles, enhance performance and secure applications through containerized modules designed to power digital interactions.
Unique modular design
Choose, configure, and deploy the edge software you need. Bring your own custom workloads or choose from an extensive library of best-of-breed edge modules.
Gain control at the edge
Modular Software
Choose the software that best suits your application, and upgrade when you’re ready. With no software lock-in, you’re free to choose between custom, open source and proprietary solutions.
Global Network
With more than 60 PoPs in over 40 locations globally, our solution offers your business a high-speed, global edge platform. 
Team Efficiency
Move more logic to the edge. Test configurations in your dev, test and staging environments. Speed up deployment cycles and automate workflows with extensible APIs.
Application Performance

Included: HTTP/2, a global network and deep DevOps integration mean enterprise engineering teams can build and deliver faster applications on CenturyLink® CDN Edge Compute than legacy CDNs.

Third-Party Module Based: Advanced static and dynamic content cache configurations, Varnish configuration (VCL) rules engine, front-end optimization and image optimization.

Real-Time Deep Insights
Quickly track, identify and diagnose traffic trends, issues and incidents with real-time enriched logs and trending metrics.
Business Challenge
Limited architecture choices
Networks are fixed and inflexible.
Business Challenge
Slow rate of change
Disparate point solutions and inflexible edge software make change difficult.
Business Challenge
Poor control of the edge
There’s no integration with Dev workflow or support for modern DevOps
CenturyLink Solution
Flexible edge locations
Different use cases have different physical and virtual edge locations and possibly even edge definitions.
CenturyLink Solution
Open software selection to run at the edge
Businesses require freedom of choice when it comes to running applications and workloads at the edge.
CenturyLink Solution
Application development workflow and DevOps integration
Developers must have full control to configure and test changes before rolling out to production.
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