High-performance connectivity for any network architecture.
Securely link data-centers, clouds, offices, branches, VPNs, and LANs in any configuration with dynamic flexibility and dedicated connections on CenturyLink’s high-speed global enterprise network.

Powerful point-to-point or point-to-multipoint connectivity
With the same security and reliability of a traditional private line service, CenturyLink E-Line offers dedicated high-bandwidth connectivity options in a range of scalable increments that improve flexibility and operational efficiencies for point-to-point (EPL or EVPL) and hub-and-spoke (EVPL) network configurations. 

Features & Capabilities

E-Line EPL



Point-to-multipoint (ideal for supporting remote sites via centralized data centers)


Single Ethernet Virtual Connection (EVC) delivers bandwidth between two User Network Interfaces (UNIs)

Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) direct traffic across multiple EVCs


Dedicated capacity for high priority traffic

Whole EVC gets same prioritization for simplicity

Fully transparent to pass wider variety of traffic types

Single Class of Service (CoS)

Features & Capabilities

E-Line EPL


Port Speeds: 100 Mbps, 1 Gbps, 10 Gbps

Bandwidth Increments: 2 Mbps to 6 Gbps

Runs over a secure, private, layer 2 MPLS backbone

MEF CE 2.0 Certified

Available in 60 countries and 300+ markets worldwide in North America, Europe, and APAC

Up to 99.999% availability end-to-end with SLAs

Proactive threat protection, easy cloud connectivity, and 24/7 end-to-end support

Faster flexibility with software-defined networking
CenturyLink E-Line Service offers three add-on features that enable you to adjust your network to meet changing bandwidth and connectivity demands in real-time for greater control and cost efficiency. 
Enhanced Management
Get visibility into network performance and utilization on an end-to-end, site-by-site basis.
Dynamic Capacity
Automatically flex bandwidth up to 3X on-demand to accommodate peak and unplanned traffic requirements.
Dynamic Connections
Add or remove connections between data-centers and cloud providers in real-time as needs evolve. 

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