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5 simple steps to help ensure SD-WAN success

According to Frost & Sullivan, the number of businesses that have deployed application-aware SD-WAN to streamline network management has more than doubled since 2016. If you're considering SD-WAN, check out their five recommended steps.

Quiz: DIY or managed SD-WAN

Learn what type of SD-WAN makes the most sense for your business.

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CenturyLink® SD-WAN Solutions help reduce the complexity and risks of network transformation by securing and coordinating workloads across the full range of connectivity types on a single, automated platform with centralized visibility and control.
Modernize your network.
Transform your business.
Strengthen security 

End-to-end visibility, next-generation firewall capabilities and encryption to help minimize security risk.

Optimize app performance and availability

Real-time analytics visibility and control to help increase productivity and optimize cloud and app performance.

Increase network agility 

On-demand scalability to make changes in near real-time to quickly meet evolving business needs.

Simplify network management 

Centralized control through a single dashboard to easily set routing, traffic thresholds, security and access policies.

Integrate multiple transports 

Intelligent use of public and private transports to augment MPLS and Ethernet with budget-friendly dedicated internet, broadband and 4G/LTE access.

Optimize SaaS 

Direct, secure internet access from remote locations to maximize access to critical cloud-based resources.

Explore our portfolio to find the best SD-WAN solution for your business
Centurylink® SD-WAN with Versa Networks

Best for global, mission-critical networks

Provides maximum performance and turnkey, centralized cloud management for security, advanced routing and application control.

Centurylink® SD-WAN with Cisco Meraki

Best for SMBs

Provides simplified, centralized cloud management for security, networking and application control. Enables cost reduction and improved resource usage for multi-site deployments.

Centurylink® SD-WAN with Cisco Viptela

Best for sophisticated networks

Provides advanced routing, segmentation and security capabilities for interconnecting complex enterprise networks.

Industry-leading SD-WAN solutions for businesses of all sizes

Our team of experts will design, deploy and manage any part of your SD-WAN implementation using best practices developed over decades of experience with thousands of customers.

CenturyLink wins SD-WAN Best Practices

Frost & Sullivan awarded CenturyLink its 2019 Best Practices Award in the North American Managed SD-WAN Services Market.

CenturyLink wins SD-WAN North America

Metro Ethernet Forum named CenturyLink 2019 SD-WAN Service Provider of the Year for North America.

CenturyLink wins SD-WAN Worldwide

See why Metro Ethernet Forum named CenturyLink 2019 SD-WAN Service Provider of the Year, Worldwide.

Koch Trucking

With SD-WAN and CenturyLink support, we can increase productivity at a new site immediately.”
– Brandon Gammon, Senior Telecommunications and Network Analyst, Koch Trucking


Maximized performance, visibility and security

Designed to improve resource usage for multi-site deployments, Versa provides centralized cloud management, helps efficiently manage bandwidth and ensure high-level performance for critical applications.

Software-defined branch management 

Bring multiple branch, campus, retail, data center, colocation and cloud locations under a single network umbrella with uniform policies and security protocols.

Maximized app performance 

Dynamically route traffic based on app business rules and network conditions. Prioritize essential apps, automatically mitigate performance issues and deploy app-aware failover to optimize continuous access to critical cloud-based resources.

WAN optimization 

Seamlessly integrate public and private transport – MPLS, Ethernet, internet, broadband, 4G/LTE – and intelligently route traffic to effectively utilize bandwidth while eliminating bottlenecks, backhauling and passive connectivity.

Enhanced resiliency 

Failsafe your hybrid network by deploying active connectivity that’s balanced under normal conditions and automatically reroutes if one connection goes down.

Evolve your network as your business transforms
Increase network agility without lifting a finger

Make changes to routing and user policies, traffic thresholds, security controls and scale your network up or down in near real-time as business needs rapidly evolve.

Improve network intelligence with automated precision 

Enable automatic routing by user group, application, traffic thresholds or site location, to deliver latency-minimized, prioritized management for critical and sensitive traffic.

Optimize app performance for seamless user experience

Application-based routing, including packet replication across more than one path, helps to ensure critical service delivery for employees and customers.

Segment traffic in lock-step with business needs

Easily apply QoS and security policies to guest traffic, transport based on compliance rules, and latency-sensitive UCaaS traffic.

Strengthen security to stay ahead of threats

Improve network security across your enterprise with increased visibility and without losing speed. Real-time, big-data analytics provides pervasive and forensic visibility for applications, network and security.

Experience full network orchestration through a single pane-of-glass.
Available with Versa Analytics, a comprehensive big data solution.
Explore all the features and benefits of SD-WAN with Versa Networks


Simplified management with maximized security and scalability

Provides centralized, streamlined cloud management for security, networking and application control to help reduce operational costs and improve resource usage for multi-site deployments.

Simplified network management

Flexibly implement and manage routing policies, set traffic thresholds, user and access policies, and manage security controls aligned with business needs across the entire network instantly.

Intelligent use of multiple transports

Seamlessly integrate public transport with budget-friendly internet access (broadband, LTE) and leverage all bandwidth deployed versus having idle WAN links for failover.

Optimized SaaS

Easily enable direct, secure internet access from remote locations to optimize employee and customer access to critical cloud-based resources.

Reduce costs and improve resource usage for multi-site deployments
Easy to deploy and scale

Flexible WAN designs with multiple deployment and connectivity options offering visibility into all devices and single-touch provisioning for multi-site deployments.

Simplified network management

Get a fully centralized cloud management dashboard for security, networking and application control across your entire WAN and distributed multi-site networks.

Optimized app performance and availability

Help increase user productivity by optimizing cloud and on-premises application performance with real-time analytics, visibility and control.

Strengthened security

Minimize risk with our integrated next generation firewall, intrusion detection, stateful firewall, Geo-IP based firewall rules, content filtering and IDS/IPS.

Increased redundancy

Boost availability by taking advantage of dual active connections that fail over automatically with an LTE backup option.

Analytics & reporting

Real-time and historical analytics and reporting featuring network visibility and performance monitoring for latency, jitter, loss and MOS.

24/7 support service wrapper

Includes design, deployment, configuration, site activation, monitoring and event management, appliance and software updates.

Explore all the features and benefits of SD-WAN with Cisco Meraki


Secure virtualization for large-scale networks

Advanced routing, segmentation and security capabilities for interconnecting complex enterprise networks with centralized policy and orchestration.

Reduce costs up to 38% when migrating from typical MPLS to hybrid WAN1

1Numbers based on 50 sites and site bandwidth of 2 Mbps, using the Cisco 5-Year Circuit ROI for SD-WAN calculator.
Transport-agnostic VPNs

Provide a cost-effective and secure IP fabric over any underlying transport.

B2B partner network

Rapidly onboard partners over any transport in enterprises with a dynamic partner ecosystem.

Network service insertion

Consolidate network services at centralized locations and route traffic with simple policy changes.

End-to-end network segmentation

Secure sensitive traffic among different lines of business and different business with end-to-end segmentation.

Encryption at scale

Provide powerful encryption capabilities using automated key management and device authentication to secure nearly any network infrastructure.

Regional internet exit

Deliver optimal user experience for cloud, VDI and internet applications by enabling regional internet exit points.

Common deployment options
Broadband + LTE

Ideal for low priority branches or remote locations.

Dual Broadband

Perfect for branch locations and/or data centers on networks without MPLS.

MPLS + Internet

For sites with mission-critical applications, typically data centers and/or headquarters.


vSmart Controller

The brains of the overlay network.

vEdge Routers

Full-featured IP routers that perform many functions.

vBond Orchestrator

A modular piece of software that runs on a vEdge router.


A centralized system virtual appliance.

Explore all the features and benefits of SD-WAN with Cisco Viptela