Alliance Exchange

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Alliance Exchange – New Revenues, New Relationships

Alliance Exchange is an online lead sharing and collaboration tool that enables CenturyLink Channel Alliance (CCA) members to:

  • Find and share business opportunities.
  • Collaborate with other members to augment existing capabilities and create complete solution offerings.
  • Gain valuable exposure with other CCA members and end-user customers, creating stronger channel opportunities for individual solutions.
  • Access new solutions and increase sales opportunities.
  • Share best practices.

The comprehensive profiling and search tools of Alliance Exchange allow members to efficiently network and collaborate with other CCA members to deliver end-to-end customer solutions. At the same time, members gain increased exposure with end-users who can search the system for specific solutions and skill sets matching their requirements. Additionally, Alliance Exchange facilitates the generation, sharing and distribution of leads among participants.

Alliance Exchange is available to members of the CenturyLink Channel Alliance and is accessible through Access Alliance, the program's extensive member-only website. Alliance Exchange offers different levels of functionality depending upon each member's contractual agreement with CenturyLink.