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CenturyLink Helps Members Achieve Business Goals

CenturyLink™ offers Channel Alliance Members three choices to participate, each with great benefits. We built each program to fit your business needs as your sales of CenturyLink products change. Offering competitive commissions, joint marketing, world-class sales training, and technical product training, CenturyLink provides the tools for your success.

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The program levels are:

  • Channel Alliance Members: your sales of CenturyLink products generate $50K or $100K+ monthly. Learn more
  • Premier Member: your sales of CenturyLink products generate $750K+ monthly. Learn more
  • Premier Elite Member:your sales of CenturyLink products as a Premier Member are firmly established and generate over $2.5M a month consistently. Learn more

To take the next step toward becoming a CenturyLink Alliance Member, please complete an online application.

Seeking Involvement with a Smaller Commitment?

The CenturyLink Channel Alliance Program has Premier and Premier Elite Members with robust Sub-Agent programs. Learn more about the Sub-Agent option.

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Your Centurylink Team

Get an Industry Leader on Your Side

At CenturyLink™, Channel Alliance Members are important and rewarded. From superior sales, technical and product training, to lead-generation campaigns and co-branding, the CenturyLink Channel Alliance Program provides the proven tools to maximize your success.

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Get Some of the Industry's Best Online Sales Tools

  • Alliance Exchange™: Manage customer relationships and leads; locate other CenturyLink Channel Alliance Members.
  • Access Alliance™: Anytime access to forms, product pricing and commission reports.
  • CenturyLink™ Central: Stay close to your customers with access to account information, client activity and up-to-date contract status.

CenturyLink Education and Training

Be prepared to sell CenturyLink products and services. It is paramount to your success with the CenturyLink Channel Alliance Program. Gain proven sales skills, technical information and product expertise, and give yourself a competitive advantage in the marketplace. You can successfully serve your customers with help from CenturyLink.

Alliance Member Communications

CenturyLink keeps you informed of new product announcements, promotional information, sales tool availability and important channel news.

Best-in-Class Sales and Technical Support

Our Alliance Members benefit from a winning combination of field and inside pre- and post-sales, operations and technical support. We are dedicated to making it easy for our Members to do business with us, and that’s what differentiates the CenturyLink Channel Alliance Program.

Key Players on Your Support Team Include:

Channel Sales Manager (CSM) – responsible for managing all business issues relating to CenturyLink and QBPP. Partners contact their CSM with questions or concerns regarding their membership level, customer contracts, special sales needs, and high-level product training and support.

Pre-Sales Consultant (PSC) – assist with price quotes, specific product trainings, general pricing and contract questions, and provide Access Alliance™ support.

Partner Support Representative (PSR) – manage key post-sales activities, including the review of order paperwork for accuracy, and preparation of orders for order entry groups. The PSR also monitors and manages the progress of projects—from order inception through installation. Members contact their PSR with post-sales issues such as moves, adds or order changes.

Sales Engineer (SE) – seasoned professionals with extensive industry experience. All have diverse backgrounds coming from carriers, ASPs, ISPs, telecom equipment vendors, system integrators, and corporate environments. Many hold industry certifications from Cisco™, Microsoft™, Sun™, IBM™ and Novell™, among others.

Premier Members/Sub-Agent Resources

Sell CenturyLink™ Solutions as a Sub-Agent of a Premier Alliance Member

CenturyLink Premier Elite and Premier Alliance Members offer Sub-Agent programs that support you while you grow your own CenturyLink products business.

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Premier Elite Alliance Members Show all

The Agent Alliance
P.O. Box 1070
White Stone, VA 22578
Contact: Ben Humphreys
Phone: 804-726-8870 ext. 231

The Agent Alliance Q is a marketing consortium of agents located nationwide which traces its history back 9 years. Members must adhere to the highest level of professionalism and ethics. The group meets four times a year to discuss industry issues and trends. Our membership represents one of the largest and most experienced sales forces in the Telecommunications Agent space. Prospective agents can work with any of the company members listed below:

Association Resource Group: ZIP code 22101
Carrier Services, LLC: ZIP code 84070
CMS: ZIP code 92101
Comtel Communications: ZIP code 23235
ECT Telecom: ZIP code 32566
Global Systems Telecom: ZIP code 33066
PlanetOne Communications: ZIP code 85258
Microcorp: ZIP code 30062
Telechoice: ZIP code 95658

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Carrier Access Inc.
1125 SE Westbrooke Dr, Ste D
Waukee, IA 50263
Contact: Shane Stark
Phone: 800-373-7548

Carrier Access Inc is a nationally reaching communications network solution provider that focuses on data, local and long-distance services. Based in Waukee, Iowa (a suburb of Des Moines), and backed by more than 15 years of industry experience, Carrier Access Inc offers a robust compensation package and superior customer service to both our Sub-Agents and end-user customers.

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Intelisys Communications, Inc.
1318 Redwood Way, Suite 120
Petaluma, CA 94954
Contact: Connie Strouse
Phone: 707-238-8120

Intelisys is the only telecom Master Agency focused exclusively on supporting the Channel's top-producing sales agents. We specialize in providing a broad suite of telecom value-based solutions to ensure the top-producing agent's success. Our services include a complete selection of carrier voice and data services, wireless and wired access, auxiliary services such as voice and web conferencing, mobility solutions, as well as Intelisys' proprietary telecom asset management tool, Audex.

Since our inception in 1994, our growth is a result of the unique formula of recruiting top-producing agents, capitalizing on industry trends, and most importantly, providing exceptional operational and back-office support. This formula has positioned Intelisys as the recognized thought leader in the telecommunications independent sales channel.

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Telecom Brokerage, Inc.(TBI)
5513 N. Cumberland Ave. Suite 701
Chicago, IL 60656
Contact: Ken Mercer
Phone: 847-465-4500

For over nine years, TBI has specialized in working solely with Sub-Agents selling CenturyLink and, formerly, LCI services. Today, TBI is a CenturyLink Alliance Member able to offer its Sub-Agents benefits such as security, higher commissions, and dedicated support.

CenturyLink has identified TBI as possessing the expertise and infrastructure to manage Sub-Agents and offer growth to those businesses whose business models do not support a direct relationship with CenturyLink. CenturyLink's support to TBI includes special marketing campaigns, promotions and dedicated CenturyLink support personnel.

Sub-Agents of TBI benefit from CenturyLink support in the areas of provisioning, billing, and commissions. TBI's additional resources and experience in working with CenturyLink contribute to greater ease of doing business in the areas of channel conflict, special pricing and sales support. CenturyLink technical consultants, sales engineers, account managers and channel sales managers are available for conference calls and appointments with Sub-Agents' prospects.

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Premier Alliance Members Show all

AB&T Telecom
7905-A Cessna Ave.
Gaithersburg, MD 20879
Contact: Glenn Taggart or Emmet Tydings
Phone: 301-948-8161
E-mail: or

AB&T Telecom is a national telecommunications master agent in business 39 years. The company is headquartered in the Washington, DC Metro area with seven offices nationwide. AB&T Telecom works exclusively through Sub-Agents to facilitate sales of carrier services in the voice, data and IP areas. AB&T has office staff with an average tenure of 14 years to handle orders, tracking and commission payments.

AB&T forms partnerships among agents and integrators to win business and facilitate projects requiring diverse skills sets that no one company can provide. The company employs a "quick start" crash program to enable VARs and System Integrators speedy entry into selling telecom services.

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7375 East Orchard Road, Suite 200
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
Phone: 720-956-0571
Contact: Ron Dunworth or Hilary Fox
E-mail: or

Whether you are just starting out or you are a seasoned agent looking to develop new relationships, ADVODA is here to help you succeed. We love to help design complete telecom solutions for your clients so you aren't left to figure it out on your own. Already know what you need? Just tell us what you need and we'll do the legwork.

ADVODA maintains very close relationships with key contacts at our vendors, and we manage all your orders from start to finish. This ensures the best outcomes for your customers every time. And, you have 24/7 database access to check status any time you want.

We believe that actions speak louder than words—contact us and you'll see the difference.

Advoda provides regular training and educational sessions to keep you on top of your game. And, we have some of the most exciting compensation programs in the business with frequent bonuses available in addition to your monthly commissions.

We look forward to working with you.

BIS Corporation
7831 Glenroy Rd., Suite 230
Bloomington, MN 55439
Contact: Anthony Witte
Office: 952-885-2421
Mobile: 612-803-3335
Fax: 952-835-2700

Business Integrated Solution (BIS Corporation) is a Minneapolis-based company established in 1989. BIS Corporation offers a comprehensive portfolio of E-Business solutions supported by industry leading expertise.

BIS Corporation is proud to be the provider of choice for businesses. Becoming a Sub-Agent of BIS, Inc means you get the best of connections, applications and solutions— everything you need to connect, build, protect, extend and maximize your business technology investment. This is the place you'll find virtually all the business solutions you need no matter what the size or type of activity. Discover a range of communication products and services tailored to your needs and designed to maximize your business by visiting www.bisinc.nettoday!

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Business Communications Management
228 E. 45th Street
New York, NY 10017
Contact: Cody Calhoun

Business Communications Management (BCM) is a national telecommunications master agent located in New York City. BCM has been in business for 15 years, specializing in outsourcing and providing communication solutions for small to medium businesses. BCM focuses on being a trusted advisor as well as an outsourced communications department for clients nationwide.

BCM provides premier support to customers and business partners. BCM has received numerous awards and recently was recognized by CenturyLink with three Vice President’s Awards: Most Efficient CenturyLink Back Office, Most Successful Market Development Fund Campaign and Best Year-over-Year Performance Premier Master Partner.

BCM is proud to be a CenturyLink Premier Alliance Member as well as part of the CenturyLink Advisory Council.

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1355 N Main Ste 12
Bountiful, Utah 84010
Contact: Richard Welling or Lori Woo
Phone: 801-292-5700
Fax: 801-292-1150
Email: or

ComNet was established in 1995 to bring together an exceptional group of voice and data network professionals to service the unique needs of our clients.

ComNet is an exclusive CenturyLink Premier Alliance Member with a complete staff of highly skilled telecom/IT professionals to assist our customers and sub-agents. While ComNet has a large embedded base of customers, we have also developed a sound sub-agent program that provides exceptional response and support for members of the telecom/IT community. We provide high-quality order/project management, sales and billing support.

With our strong back office approach and flexible sub-agent program we have created an environment of unequalled service and attention to detail in the provisioning and servicing of our customer and sub-agent accounts. ComNet assists you, as a sub-agent, to design and implement all of your voice and data communication needs.

With an average of over 25 years in the telecom/IT industry, each of our employees demonstrates their superior knowledge and skill sets in serving you and your customers.

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Copper State Communications
2820 North 36th Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85009
Contact: Steve Sutton
Phone: 602-272-2800

Copper State Communications is backed by 25 years of knowledge and experience in the constantly advancing fields of telecommunications and technology. We are proud to be an established Premier Alliance Member, with a rock-solid relationship with CenturyLink for over 20 years.

We specialize in promoting our clients’ business through our expertise in providing a total source solution for all of their telecommunications needs. Copper State Communications provides its clients with the support and education that they require to design, procure and manage their local line services, wide area networks and internet solutions. We become a single point of contact for our clients with regard to their unique business telecommunications needs, keeping in mind both current configuration and pricing, as well as future business prospects. We have an excellent support system for our Sub-Agents, including a dedicated, complete, full-time back-office support group. Our online managing tool makes it extremely efficient for our Agents to access, assist and satisfy their clients’ telecom services, as well as to manage their own business' growth. We are proud to be the provider of choice for thousands of businesses across the United States.

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CPI Communications
4200 University Ave
Suite 300
West Des Moines, IA 50266
Contact: Cale Perry
Phone: 515-331-7560
Fax: 515-331-7563

CPI Communications is a West Des Moines based Premier Master Partner specializing in creating complete voice and data solutions for customers nationwide. In its tenth year of business, CPI is rapidly expanding and currently supports sub-agents across the country. Agents have full access to all Member resources, including sales engineers available for technical assistance on customer calls and access to special pricing.

CPI employs a full-time Commissions Director to ensure fast and accurate commissions payments. In addition, agents receive a full customer report on a bi-weekly basis. This is generated from CPI’s specialized customer database software and is sent in an easy-to-read format. It includes back-office notes, customer status and any pending due dates. All CPI customers are assigned to an Account Manager, who handles post-sale billing questions, and a full support staff to handle any service issues that may arise.

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15821 NE 8th St. Suite# W160
Bellevue, WA 98009
Contact: Dave Laskowski or Tony Cheng
Phone: 800-775-9312
E-mail: or

CTG3 is a Premier Alliance Member for CenturyLink which specializes in providing our customers and sub-agents support for the complete line of CenturyLink voice and data services. We provide high-quality sales support, project management and billing support for our customers and sub-agents. Since our primary carrier agency is CenturyLink, we have designed our project management and commission tracking systems to change dynamically with each change that CenturyLink introduces to our channel.

Our sub-agent partner programs are tailored to meet your needs based on the amount of support required. Our programs cover the occasional referral partner to full sub-agent agreements where we provide you access to all CenturyLink systems.

CTG3's Web-based order tracking, advanced commission tracking systems, monthly newsletter, experienced project managers and training resources make us the top choice for those who are looking for CenturyLink support through the agent partner channel.

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Dinan, Inc.
3395 Bross Road
Hastings, MI 49058
Contact: Matt Farner or Jared Johnson
Phone: 877-833-5276
E-mail: or

Dinan, Inc. began business in 1987 for the purpose of selling long distance and data services for LCI International and other new start up communications companies. Since its first sales in 1987, Dinan has remained focused on providing a high level of public network expertise and service to its customers—both agents and end-users. Dinan has continued to grow and has become a trusted industry leader as a Regional Master agency and one of CenturyLink’s oldest Premier Alliance Members.

Dinan's focus on advanced data products and expertise in network design and equipment sales uniquely positions us to be the best one stop organization for our customers and independent sales agents.

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Evolving Solutions, Inc.
18021 Oak Street, Suite A
Omaha, NE 68130
Contact:Cindy Ried

Evolving Solutions is a consulting firm that integrates voice, data, video services and support for customers worldwide. We only offer the top carriers and vendors who represent cutting edge data, voice and IP products. Evolving Solutions sales staff is authorized to offer solutions from multiple carrier networks along with Fortune 1000 partners who are VoIP/PBX vendors, contractors, technicians and suppliers. We have over 100 years of combined experience in data, voice and IP as well as engineering services. This integrated knowledge ensures you will receive the information and consultation that you need to make effective decisions and recommendations about network and communication products. The Evolving Solutions' sales staff brings you proven project management and operations expertise to assist you in navigating through the world of network economics.

Evolving Solutions represents various companies around the country, ranging from small to medium—all the way to Fortune 100 companies. We assist in ordering all local services with the major local exchange carriers (LECs) as well as all data services, such as Internet, MPLS/VPN and long distance. Each company is assigned an Account Manager for all order processing, billing issues, trouble tickets and tracking needs. The main contact assigned to each company helps tremendously when ordering for various offices around the country. In addition, it means there is one person the company can always count on when questions or issues need immediate attention. Evolving Solutions has weekly and/or monthly meetings to keep communications strong.

Evolving Solutions gives you the highest quality in customer service. No re-routing and long hold times to talk to the right person. We support you and give you the tools you need to operate your business as efficiently as possible—everything from quotes for proposals all the way to customer service after the sale. Our staff all has the integrity and drive to make our Partners and customers feel the level of satisfaction they deserve.

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5 Star Communications
4610 Oak Hammock Court
Building 1700
Ponce Inlet, FL  32127
Contact: Matthew Miclette
Phone: 561-210-7369
Web site :        

Recognized as one of the most highly respected CenturyLink Premier Alliance Member agencies in the country, 5 Star delivers the experience, knowledge, support and relationships agents need to thrive in this competitive telecommunications environment. Recently honored by CenturyLink as an appointed member of the CenturyLink Business Partner Program Advisory Council, 5 Star engages directly with key CenturyLink management to advocate our agent goals and promote the most streamlined and successful agent experience. 5 Star Communications earns the trust of our customers - our agents - by providing unparalleled support and service every step of the way.

Built on more than 15 years of experience servicing CenturyLink agents nationwide, 5 Star empowers agents of any size to leverage our long-term Premier Master Agent status and 27 years of combined CenturyLink-direct experience to ensure the best support and CenturyLink experience in the marketplace today.

Experience the 5 Star advantages:

  • Pre-sales contract and support strategizing with 5 Star Business Development Director, Matthew Miclette, a former CenturyLink direct sales executive. Gain valuable insight and support regarding pricing, “outside-the-box” contract negotiations, network availability and design.
  • Proactive back-office (AC) support: Former CenturyLink direct provisionary on staff with more than 22 years of experience provide unmatched support, including order submission (most ordering paperwork completed by support), follow-up, escalation (when necessary) and order confirmation.
  • First bill review with clients and agents to ensure billing accuracy, and billing ticket escalations.
  • Ongoing, up-to-date CenturyLink promotion e-mail blasts.
  • Aggressive compensation with an Evergreen clause.

Discover how 5 Star Communications can deliver the CenturyLink experience your business deserves and the best compensation available! Call us today to speak with one of our specialists at 800-601-6001 or visit us on the Web at

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Global Linking Solutions
2401 Whitehall Park Drive, Suite 200
Charlotte, NC 28273
Contact: Lindsey Walter
Phone: 704-708-4470

Founded in 1998 and based in Charlotte, NC, Global Linking Solutions (GLS) is a network solutions provider focused on fully managed and monitored router, firewall, and VPN Services. GLS provides comprehensive network connectivity, integration and security through the MB.Link family of services. GLS has a wide reach in the United States, with support in more than 35 cities.

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idea! Communications Group, Inc.
600 17th Street Suite 2800 South
Denver, CO 80202
Contact:David Garrick

Your single source for local and long-distance, voice and data, data center hosting, conferencing, cellular service, internet connectivity—domestic and international. Our integrity, dedication, experience and action (idea) are the keys to our success. We are your advocate and virtual employees providing you one place to shop with a consistent account team only motivated by your satisfaction.

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IN8 Solutions
Phoenix AZ
Contact: Lynn Achord 
Phone: 602-578-0800

As a Premier Alliance Member, IN8 Solutions has won sales awards for the last five out of six years. Our sub-agents have relationships with medium- to large-size customers, and want to leverage these relationships to build their own businesses.

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Interactive Telecom Solutions-Cadre Partners, Inc.
12 Route 17 North
Suite 120
Paramus, NJ 07652
Contact: Brett Diamond
Phone: (201) 575-4420
Cell: (516) 241-3786
Fax: (201) 221-7567

Interactive Telecom Solutions, Inc. (ITS) was established in 2002 and has quickly become one of the largest telecommunication master agencies in the United States. Based in Paramus, NJ, ITS is the most complete telecommunications management firm with programs individually designed for customers, agents and business partners.

Our authorized agent channel is top-notch and everyone is taking notice. Comprised of a nationwide team of telecom professionals ranging from PBX Vendors and Data Integrators to Cabling and Consulting Firms our stellar individuals encompass a myriad of expertise in the telecom industry.

For more information on ITS' Agent Program go to and click the “Agent Info" link.

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Jett Enterprises
3051 W. Sousa Court
Phoenix, AZ 85086
Contact: Tim Fyke
Contact: Justine Sabol
Phone: 480-917-9201

Jett Enterprises is one of only five CenturyLink Alliance Members recognized by CenturyLink for outstanding sales performance in 2003 and 2004. We offer full back-office support to provide our sub-agents with:

  • Pre-sales support, including pricing, availability and network design.
  • Proficient order processing, including order submission, follow up, escalation (when necessary), order confirmation and cutover involvement. Our Service Delivery Coordinators have many years of experience, as well as a number of key contacts within CenturyLink to ensure that your orders will be processed properly.
  • Post-sales support, including trouble reporting and billing reconciliation.
  • On-line billing reports generated from the customer’s CenturyLink billing record (or CSR) via our proprietary software, which parses data from the CSR and generates a user-friendly report in a PDF or Excel format.
  • Daily news feeds for our agents for the most up-to-date industry news.
  • Online customer database, designed for sub-agents to monitor and track the status of their orders and trouble tickets.

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Lightstream Communications
240 Morris Avenue, Suite 325
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
Contact: Rod Stout
Phone: 801-326-1000

With a former CenturyLink 25-year veteran (AC/SE/PM), a Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert (CCIE) on staff, and more, Lightstream Communications not only claims to have the best back office support in the industry, but substantiates that claim with credentials and experience. Lightstream does not sell hardware, professional services, or do integration work other than as a free value-added service. We solely do telecommunications and are not distracted by other activities.

Lightstream's resources and staff position it primarily in the mid- to large-business market segment. In addition, we have a direct sales model—unlike the sub-agent model most agents have adopted. Lightstream has experience in the following:

  • Local: In the heart of CenturyLink local territory, members of Lightstream staff have deployed nearly every major CenturyLink fiber build in the Salt Lake City market.
  • Voice/IXC: On Lightstream's staff is a former XO Communications Engineering Manager who personally designed the fiber routes, deployed the optical equipment and designed the central offices for most of XO's western U.S. network. Combined with our extensive experience with voice and data interLATA services, Lightstream has unmatched experience in the long-haul segment.
  • Data/IP/MPLS: With CCIE credentials, Lightstream provides a wealth of pre/post-sales support and expertise in MPLS network design, BGP configuration and FR/ATM troubleshooting and experience.
  • Project Management: Our project management experience includes deployment of complex OC-48 SHNS rings, International Private Lines and Enhanced Routing Long Distance projects dating back 25 years.
  • Back office (AC) support: Lightstream hires exclusively the top former CenturyLink account consultants to provide unmatched support for ordering, billing, trouble, etc. Our least experienced AC has eight years in the Telco industry. We treat our long-time customers like prospects.
  • Tracking: Lightstream provides automated, SSL-encrypted Web tools that provide order status, account information and contract management.

Going from Master Agent to Premier Master in 1-1/2 years, Lightstream is one of the fastest growing organizations in the history of the CenturyLink Channel Alliance Program; Lightstream is also a member of the CenturyLink Channel Alliance Program Advisory Council.

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9002 N. Purdue Rd. Ste 110
Indianapolis, IN 46268
Phone: 317-874-0200
Contact: Craig Eigenbrod

LincLogix is a national telecommunications master agent located in Indianapolis, Indiana. LincLogix has been incorporated in the industry for 10 years, specializing in the design, implementation and on-going service of complex voice and data networks.

LincLogix has been regularly recognized for their smart network designs and best of industry back office execution. They have received numerous industry awards and recently were recognized with Qwest Vice President's Awards: Top Producing Premier Master-Integrated Access. LincLogix has also proud to have served on their prestigious Advisory Council for 5 years.

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LinkSource Communications
2678 Bishop Drive, Suite 240
San Ramon, CA 94583
Phone: (925) 807-1400
FAX: (925) 807-1414
East Contact: Bob Loftus
East Phone: 610-525-0999
East E-mail:
West Contact: Curt Lewis
West Phone: 916-797-3351
West E-mail:

LinkSource Communications is a national telecommunications distributor formed in 1998. With combined industry experience of over 50 years, the LinkSource executive team specializes in the design, procurement and implementation of voice and data networks.

LinkSource acts as a single point of contact for needs assessment, audits of existing services, network design, quotation, ordering, fulfillment and ongoing service. We procure the most aggressive pricing possible for services, tailor them to each customer's unique needs and serve as the customer advocate.

LinkSource has direct relationships with most if not all the major providers in the telecom space. There is never a geography in the United States where LinkSource cannot assist a customer and their specific needs.

LinkSource Communications model is successful. LinkSource has created a nationwide network of over 100 sub-agents with business growing in an environment where carriers are struggling. In 2002, LinkSource was named TOP NEW PARTNER for the CenturyLink Channel Alliance Program.

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Liquid Networx
26118 Alto Oaks
San Antonio, TX 78255
Contact: Donald Douglas
Phone: 210-492-1262

Liquid Networx has been providing information technology services to businesses throughout the United States since the early 1980s. Our organization has a tremendous amount of experience in almost every aspect of telecommunications, along with a heavy emphasis on designing, migrating and supporting multi-protocol label switching (MPLS) and voice over Internet protocol (VoIP) solutions in a multi-vendor environment. To complement the aforementioned technologies we have created a number of managed service solutions that can be customized to meet the customer’s needs.

Liquid Networx has won numerous awards from CenturyLink and is consistently ranked as one of the fastest growing partners in the program. Given our experience with most domestic and international carriers we are in a unique position to deliver value to end-users and partners alike. Let Liquid assist you in developing new service offerings that will increase customer loyalty while generating additional revenue for your organization.

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Matrix Communications, Inc.
171 Cheshire Lane, Suite 700
Plymouth, MN  55441
Contact: Steve Ferry

Matrix Communications, Inc. (Matrix) is a single-source converged communications provider, founded in 1985, that focuses on the greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area. Our business partnership with CenturyLink was established in 1991. Matrix specializes in carrier services sales, project management, network coordination and billing support for both customers and sub-agents.

Matrix Communications, Inc. is proud to be a Premier Alliance Member for CenturyLink—in 2005 Matrix was selected as the top CenturyLink Channel Alliance Member among all partners nationwide. Our in-house network specialists assist customers and sub-agents to review current network environments, make recommendations to enhance communication infrastructures and, most importantly, identify network efficiencies to reduce network expenses. Our expertise allows us to assist our customers and sub-agents to deploy a comprehensive suite of voice, data and IP solutions to meet and exceed the most complex of applications.

Matrix is committed to providing our customers and sub-agents with innovative technology solutions, experienced technical resources and superior service. Our strong back office operations team and the support given to our sub-agents differentiate us from other partners.

Differentiating factors:

  • Flexible compensation, up-front or monthly recurring payment options
  • Tenured back-office personnel
  • Responsive pricing, order entry and order confirmation services
  • Experienced cutover support team
  • Proven escalation procedures

Allow Matrix to be your single point of contact to assess your communication technology needs.

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MicroCorp, Inc.
2874 Johnson Ferry Rd. Suite 100
Marietta, GA 30062
Contact: Stacy Conrad
Phone: 678-810-0311

MicroCorp. Inc. was founded in 1986 with a mission to simplify the purchase and management of telecommunication services for business customers. Since that time, we have partnered with over 35 quality telecommunication providers to deliver the solutions that are right for your business; however, we do not stop there. We manage these solutions through our process management software called Nautilus and empower you to manage all of your carrier services inventory and expenses through our hosted software application called Insite. MicroCorp delivers these solutions through one of the nation's largest distribution networks, consisting of over 1,500 Telecommunication Agents, System Integrators and VARS. MicroCorp is a Graduate Company of the Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech and a founding member of the Agent Alliance.

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Mitel Network Services Agency
7300 W Boston
Chandler, Arizona 85226
Contact: Jon Brinton, president
Phone: 800-894-7026, ext. 28533

Mitel Network Services Agency is a Premier Alliance Member offering comprehensive sales and support of CenturyLink solutions nationwide to both commercial and Federal Government entities. All services designed and deployed by Mitel Network Services Agency are billed by the local exchange carrier (LEC). Service offerings range from business lines to OC-48 with the compensation varying by application and term of service. Current featured offerings include Web hosting and local dial tone solutions, including PRI.

Mitel Network Services Agency offers partner and sub-agent relationships to qualified companies. In addition to pricing and proposal support, Mitel Network Services Agency offers sales training, sale completion assistance, order completion and coordination and customer support. Additional benefits are available to Exclusive Partners, including advanced product training and engineering support, on-site sales training, and access to CenturyLink Web tools.

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Nationwide Communications
1200 MacArthur Blvd.
Mahwah, NJ 07430
Contact: Steven Spillane
Phone: 201-574-1009

Nationwide Communications is a dynamic national master agent founded in 1989 and headquartered in Mahwah, NJ. Nationwide also has offices in New York and California.

In addition to our superior agent support and customer service, Nationwide has the experience and expertise to support our agents during all stages of the sales process—including both pre- and post-sales support. With our online Web portal, technology training seminars and webinars and our seasoned staff of telecom professionals, Nationwide is unique in its ability to help maximize each agent’s individual sales effectiveness.

As a CenturyLink Premier Alliance Member for more than six years, Nationwide is poised and ready to help you succeed. Contact us today and find out why we are the logical choice to support all of your CenturyLink business needs and opportunities.

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Network Computing Architects (NCA)
855 106th Ave NE
Bellevue, WA 98004
Contact: Scott Hussey, Telecom Division Manager
Phone: 866-452-5190

Network Computing Architects, Inc. is a rapidly growing, quality-driven, west coast provider of internetworking services and telecommunication products. We are based in Bellevue, WA and have additional offices in Portland, OR and Saratoga, CA. We provide our clients with expertise in the design, installation and maintenance of telecommunications services, network backbone, remote access solutions, information security and productivity.

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PlanetOne Communications
9845 E. Bell Road
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Contact:Lauren Shapiro
Phone: 877-201-1513

PlanetOne Communications is a full service, award winning Master Agent committed to providing our agents with a broad portfolio of telecom solutions backed by strong agreements and an aggressive commission structure. Founded in 1991, PlanetOne has built its reputation on providing best-in-class service and support for our agents to complement a full range of voice, data, conferencing, PBX equipment and wireless services. Our seasoned team averages over ten years of telecom experience and is available to assist in every facet of your business from pre-sales strategic planning, quoting, paperwork submission through implementation and post-install support.

PlanetOne offers our agents a tremendous incentive program which includes three incredible events, the Phoenix Open PGA Tournament, our President's Club trip to a tropical resort and for our elite agents, an opportunity to attend The Bondurant School of High Performance Driving! PlanetOne is proud to be the exclusive provider of telecom solutions for American Express Business4Business.

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Presidio Networked Solutions
Two Sun Court
Norcross, GA 30092
Contact: Steve Moody, EVP/GM
Phone: 678-291-1808

Presidio Telecom Solutions is Presidio Network Solutions' dedicated business unit focused on providing complete telecommunications solutions. As an operational partner for telecom inventory creation, savings analysis, solution design, procurement, implementation, management, and optimization, PTS works closely with our customers to ensure they attain the desired results to their business challenges. From one-off projects to long-term management engagements, we consider the client's unique requirements to customize the most effective communications solution. For more information visit:

Presidio Networked Solutions, Inc. is the leading provider of advanced IT solutions, professional and managed services, addresses the complete technology lifecycle - plan, design, integrate, operate and optimize - for the enterprise, commercial and government markets. Presidio's comprehensive solutions portfolio comprises unified communications, wireless, security, storage, network infrastructure, telecom, and managed services. Holding the highest networking industry certifications from partners Cisco, EMC, HP, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp and VMware, Presidio Networked Solutions is well positioned to meet the growing needs of customers migrating to advanced technologies. Presidio also offers customers an extensive range of financing solutions, including leasing. For more information visit:

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RealCom Solutions
5339 Alpha Road
Suite 101
Dallas, TX 75240
Contact: Charles Bogart
Phone: 972.503.0700
E-mail: or

RealCom Solutions is a value-added telecom agency with over 150 years of combined industry experience. Founded in 2001 and based in Dallas Texas, RealCom serves as a client advocate. We deliver end-to-end telecom analysis; negotiate pricing, project manage the implementation of complete solutions and provide on-going account management at no cost to the customer. Our telecom consultants have the expertise and carrier relationships to provide best-of-breed solutions for our customers nationwide.

RealCom Solutions is proud to be a Premier Alliance Member for CenturyLink and has been recognized as one of the top performing CenturyLink partners.

Our enterprise customer base continues to grow through focused sales efforts; superior back office support, and strong partnerships with referral partners and sub-agents nationwide. For more information on our agent programs, please visit or e-mail

Renodis Inc
476 Robert Street North
Saint Paul, MN 55101
Contact: Myron Braun
Phone: 651-556-1221

Renodis' ten years in business and hundreds of years of seasoned management and delivery talent has enabled us to evolve to become the nation's first and only Turnkey Telecom Management firm. Our comprehensive approach to Telecom Management allows us an opportunity to offer enterprises an end to end solution via our integrated platform. Rather than the cost, confusion and compromise of juggling multiple vendors and internal resources, Renodis offers the enterprise the efficiencies, accountability, and focus of a single source solution. There is not one element of the Telecom Ecosystem that is beyond our capability to manage and optimize. This unique value proposition enables the enterprise (and its executives) to focus on their strategic direction while we manage their Telecom department. All backed by unique, customer-driven SLAs and a service philosophy that is second to none.

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Simplify, Inc.
300 Valley Wood Drive
The Woodlands, Texas 77380
Phone: 281-465-6000

Simplify is a consulting firm that provides business intelligence and analytics regarding communications network management for customers.

Since forming in 1997, Simplify has remained focused on a core business model which provides an unmatched level of support and expertise to help address customers' day-to-day challenges of managing inventory, project management, MACDs, trouble tickets, billing resolution and much more.

From enterprise customers with thousands of locations to some of America's largest call centers, Simplify provides comprehensive network solutions.

To deliver world class lifecycle management, Simplify provides customers with an online middleware, Advocate, which acts as a single platform to connect with Simplify's team of hand-picked industry experts. Advocate also provides access to additional professional services offered by Simplify, including: Virtual Solutions, Enterprise Cost Management, Professional LAN Installs, and Wireless Solutions.

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TelePro Communications Inc.
3350 Annapolis Lane, North Suite C
Plymouth, MN 55447
Contact: Jeff Olson
Phone: 952-738-7005
Cell: 612-790-0234

TelePro has been a CenturyLink Alliance Member since 1994.

We are a national telecommunications company providing voice, long distance, data and Internet-based solutions to the medium and large business markets. We are all former CenturyLink employees with varying areas of expertise including sales, billing, implementation, engineering and provisioning.

We search for the most cost-effective telecom solutions and help our clients deliver a strong return on investment (ROI), along with "managing" the many vendor relationships that accompany these complex projects.

TelePro has some of the most experienced resources available today, with expertise in serving the sub-agent community for 15 years. We're ready to assist you.

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TeleProviders Inc.
23461 South Pointe Drive 185
Laguna Hills, CA 92653-1523
Phone: 949.215.8600
FAX: 949. 215.8700
Contact: Kelly Ratcliff

TeleProviders Inc. is a telecommunications consulting firm comprised of former Expanets and Avaya Carrier Services professionals. Headquartered in Laguna Hills, California, TeleProviders has offices nationwide staffed by an award-wining team that collectively delivers the “best of the best” in voice and data knowledge, offerings, pricing and client support.

TeleProviders is proud to be a CenturyLink Premier Alliance Member and a current member of the CenturyLink Advisory Council. Our primary value is acting as a single source of contact for our clients’ telecommunications needs by providing a “catch all” approach to each account serviced.

Consulting Services Include:

  • Local, long distance and international access
  • Internet access
  • MPLS applications
  • VoIP and SIP services
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Data Center and Call Center specialists
  • Conference calling and “Webinar” services
  • Frame Relay/ATM
  • Crisis/outage management
  • RFP management
  • Outsourced help/MACD desk

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Telephony Partners
9051 Florida Mining Boulevard
Suite 103
Tampa, FL 33634
Phone: 813-769-4690
Phone: 866-878-7552 (toll-free)
Fax: 813-769-4691
Fax: 866-418-5889 (toll-free)
Contact: Josh Anderson
Phone: 813-769-4690 ext 100
Direct: 813-769-2300 (forwards to cell)

Telephony Partners is a nationwide master agent built on the concept of enabling our agents to leverage our engineering and solutions design expertise to maximize their effectiveness in the marketplace. We've built our business over the years on the values of expertise, innovation and integrity. Our culture of innovative problem solving makes our solution-based approach an operational standard—not a marketing clicheé.

Our agents choose us for the attention and support they receive from our staff of experienced professionals, for the management infrastructure we offer them, and for our consistent prompt, reliable ACH payments. We approach these relationships as partnerships, and as a result we have earned the loyalty of our agents and carriers.

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V Port
7455 SW Bridgeport Rd, Suite 235
Tigard, OR 97224
Bill Klevenberg
Phone: 208-275-0081

V Port is a NW based firm with offices in Seattle, Boise, and Portland. We apply a support engine with over 200 years of combined experience. We specialize in complex data, hosting and SIP applications. We're not the "big box store" of master agents and you won't feel like just another number with us. Our emphasis is on supporting the sub-agent in all aspects of the pre-sales and implementation effort. If you have a relationship with a customer and need a great partner to work with you, we're the master agent for you. We compensate our sub-agents competitively and timely. If you're engaged in data, unified communications, or other complex hosting opportunities, you should give us a call.

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14650A N. 78th Way
Scottsdale, AZ 85260
Contacts: Ed Parker, National Director of Carrier Sales
Phone: 602-277-0000

Venicom is a uniquely-positioned National Master Agent. Venicom's primary focus is the support of independent agents through a complete and existing back office infrastructure, including pre-sales support, design and engineering, pricing, contract negotiations, project management, implementation and post-sale customer service.

Venicom is a privately-held corporation with offices throughout the United States and European operations in Berlin, Germany. Venicom has achieved elite status representing over 15 telecommunications providers including RBOCs, CLECs, IXCs, and Wholesale.

Venicom offers its independent agents the highest degree of service and support, coupled with accurate and prompt commission payments in a secure, long-term, partnership for success.

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Xela Communications, LLC
121 Route 36, Suite 240
West Long Branch, NJ 07764
Contact:Adam Park

Xela Communications is committed to delivering its business partners the most personalized support in the agent community. With tariff and billing specialists, project managers and a commission analyst to manage the industry's leading RPM commission software, Xela delivers reliable and consistent support in three areas:

  • Pre-Sales Support: From rapid delivery of customer service records to full-blown quotes, Xela has unparalleled expertise in the area of analysis and customized proposal generation.
  • Project Management: Xela's project management and provisioning process combines decades of carrier management expertise, together with RPM's online order-flow tracking to deliver agents’ order status—either on demand or on the phone.
  • Ongoing Support: Over and above delivering commissions accurately and on time - every time, Xela's support team is available to assist in managing any issues that may arise.

Xela Communications allows its business partners to remain focused on their core initiatives while raising the bar on support levels for all back-office functions.

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Western Telecom Group
Western States Ventures: Gordon Charette
P.O. Box 3826
Tustin, CA 92781
Phone: 949-262-0354

Carrier Consulting: Jonathen Marder
302 W. Grand Street, #10
El Segundo, CA 90245
Phone: 310-640-1920

W. Lange & Company: Dave Lange
24367 Walnut St.
Newhall, CA 91321
Phone: 661-259-4621

The Western Telecom Group is comprised of three partners, Western States Ventures, Inc., Carrier Consulting and W. Lange & Company, all based in southern California. Collectively, the three Partners average 20 years of experience selling various telecommunications products and services, including switched and dedicated voice, nation-wide frame relay, VPN networks and DIA.

Western Telecom Group offers its Sub-Agents access to online tools, training and product updates. Support is available five days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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As a Sub-Agent you can access:

  • Access Alliance™: CenturyLink's online resource for product information
  • Educational training courses in product, technical and proven sales skills
  • Sales and marketing tools you can customize for your clients
  • CenturyLink's comprehensive product portfolio

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