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From power outages to natural disasters, your business is confronted by a wide range of threats that can disrupt business operations. But with tight budgets, it's important to use dollars wisely to ensure continuity. At CenturyLink, our business continuity services not only prevent downtime in a cost-effective manner, but they also help your business recover faster, maintain security and increase reliability. Here's how:

  • secure your network with redundant hardware and intelligent routing using CenturyLink's data networking solutions
  • protect your mission-critical data and applications with CenturyLink's hosting solutions
  • take advantage of call routing features built into CenturyLink's advanced voice and contact center solutions

Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

With crucial business applications, financial data and trade secrets, your business relies heavily on keeping its data safe and secure. CenturyLink's state-of-the-art data centers are built to keep your business applications and mission-critical data safe and to ensure protection even if network operations are disrupted.

Network Protection

From redundant electronics and advanced routing protocols, to diverse network routes, business continuity is built into CenturyLink's wide-area network services to ensure network connectivity is maintained in the event of an outage or natural disaster.

Continuity of Operations

Even in the event of a power outage or natural disaster, it's crucial for your business to maintain its operations. Your business needs a business continuity management plan that ensures critical people and processes remain operational. CenturyLink's voice and data solutions provide you with the tools needed to execute that plan.

CenturyLink Business Continuity Products

The following products enable you to execute your business continuity plan effectively:

Business Continuation Routing
A quick and affordable solution that provides call forwarding and call routing to maintain business operations..

Data Backup and Storage
With dedicated hosting services, back up, recover, store, retrieve and archive your business-critical data.

Data Circuit Reroute
This network configuration can be used for network planning, data back-up, site sharing and more.

SONET Route Protection
An add-on to CenturyLink IQ Networking services, this feature ensures network access reliability.

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