Touchstone Health

Migrating to the hosted EZ Route solution improved business operations, cut expenses, and increased the reliability of communications services.


Business Challenge

Soon after being hired, Telecom Manager Brian Mortensen took stock of the company's communications' systems. He found that peak call volumes are seasonal, occurring during Medicare's General Enrollment Period, January 1st through March 31.

"We needed seven voice T-1s to handle all those calls," recalled Mortensen. "But the rest of the year the excess capacity was idle. I wanted to find a solution that would meet our seasonal needs without paying for bandwidth that wasn't being used the rest of the year."


Mortensen chose CenturyLink because, "my account rep came to me with a comprehensive plan to solve our problem. He wasn't just trying to sell me services like the other providers."

The key to the CenturyLink solution is the EZ Route interactive voice response (IVR) application. Mortensen uses EZ Route's Webenabled IVR application wizard to create a call routing scheme for tollfree numbers. Consequently, when a call comes in, EZ Route recognize it and routes it to the appropriate call center.

Additionally, Mortensen uses two CenturyLink T-1s, dedicated to voice and data applications respectively. These support the company's three office locations.

Benefits and Results

The CenturyLink EZ Route service, "was a game changer for the way we do business," said Mortensen. "We can easily add or delete ports as we need them to support the seasonal variations in our call volume."

By shifting incoming member 1-800 calls to the EZ Route service, Mortensen was able to reduce the company's T-1 circuits by 86%. "We saved a lot of money by cutting our voice T-1s from seven to one."

Mortensen also credits the EZ Route service with increasing the overall reliability of his network. "By downsizing the number of T-1s we have plus the fact that CenturyLink hosts the EZ Route solution, we ended up with a more reliable system. We don't have as many devices to maintain or troubleshoot so we have fewer moving parts that can break."

Mortensen also benefits from CenturyLink's fully-redundant, geographically-dispersed network, which further increases the reliability of his company's services.

As for his account representative, "He's never let me down," recalled Mortensen. "If I have a problem or a question, I can just pick up the phone and call him. When he first came in here, he had a multiyear plan to help us improve our business. And sure enough, we did it and it's worked out very well for us."

Company Profile

Touchstone Health is a Medicare Advantage Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) committed to offering comprehensive, affordable, and valuable healthcare to Medicare beneficiaries.