UBM TechWeb (Interop)

CenturyLink SIP trunking, Internet, and data center and hosting services deliver high-availability telecom infrastructure to customers.

Glenn Evans, Lead Network Engineer
Will Wise, Vice President of Sales
Lenny Heyman, Executive Vice Presidient and Group General Manager
SIP Trunking
Managed VoIP
Dedicated Hosting Services (Colocation)
Optical Wavelength Service


Business Challenge

UBM TechWeb produces INTEROP, a major business technology demonstration event. Managers have days not weeks or months to set up a high-capacity, highavailability network so that the tradeshow's exhibitors can showcase their latest solutions. When the doors open, the event's success is contingent upon the network´┐Żs flawless performance.

That's because a positive exhibitor experience translates directly into a higher renewal rate for the following year. A no-glitch, demo-rich event also motivates attendees to reserve scarce event dollars for the next show.


CenturyLink specialists provide a number of mission-critical services and support to INTEROP.

"We're using their high-speed gigabit Ethernet Internet circuits from our event sites back to their colocation facilities," said Glenn Evans, Lead Network Engineer for INTEROP." We also have a large amount of equipment at the colocation facilities as well as associated connectivity."

Additionally, INTEROP leverages new technologies such as CenturyLink's support of the IPv6 protocol. For voice services, CenturyLink provides SIP trunking which allows INTEROP technicians to place their own PBX on the event floor. "We also use their hosted VoIP system in certain locations," explained Evans.

Benefits and Results

INTEROP's use of CenturyLink's services has helped managers boost their numbers. "By working with CenturyLink, we're able to provide the reliable, cutting-edge services exhibitors need to wow attendees with their demos," recalled Will Wise, VP of Sales for UBM TechWeb. "That motivates them to buy more booth space as well as to sign up for future events. Amazing demos have also been essential to luring attendees back year after year."

Wise also credits CenturyLink with helping to impress the media covering the event. "We get great coverage from the media and analysts because CenturyLink helps us show leading technologies and services that generate buzz among them."

At the operational level, CenturyLink's colocation facilities have allowed INTEROP to reduce costs. "By having a lot of our gear at CenturyLink's CyberCenter, we were able to go from three trucks to two for our Vegas event," explained Evans. "Collocating the equipment also helps us cut the use of expensive exhibition-facility power."

Another plus has been the exceptional service and support CenturyLink specialists have delivered. "Each time we've brought them to our event, they've provided additional value over and above what we've expected from them," recalled Evans.

Company Profile

UBM TechWeb, the global leader in technology media and professional business information, enables people and organizations to harness the transformative power of technology through a powerful portfolio of trusted brands and services.