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Utah Education Network

A more reliable network substantially reduced help desk calls and centralized Internet access decreased firewall administration time.

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Jim Stewart,
Technical Services Director



The Utah Education Network (UEN) provides WAN, Internet and video services to educational entities throughout the state. These include all the higher-education schools plus 40 school districts and all of the secondary schools. Scaling the telecommunications infrastructure was very difficult. Bonded T1s, for example, worked poorly in providing the integrated voice and data services customers required. Moreover, administering Internet firewalls at each individual school location proved to be very time intensive.


The UEN connected nine major points of presence (POP) to the CenturyLink® GeoMax® service. Additionally, IT managers contracted GigE circuits and an OC48 to allow for the centralization of bandwidth made available to schools. Internet connectivity is provided through these POPs.

Interview Highlights

Managers can now easily, and economically scale bandwidth to meet growth requirements. Significant bandwidth increase reduced end-user complaints regarding speed. More reliable network substantially reduced help desk calls. Centralized Internet access markedly decreased firewall administration time.